Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

10 popular channels for selling hotel rooms

To maximize room occupancy, each hotel uses a variety of channels to sell different hotel rooms. So, what are the most popular and effective hotel rooms selling channels in Vietnam today?

OTA hotel rooms (Online Travel Agency)

OTA hotel rooms are no stranger to hotel staff and tourists. This is the most effective way to book rooms today. In Vietnam, there are typical OTAs: Booking, Travekola, Agoda, TripAdvisor, …

When using OTA hotel channels, each booking through online booking sites, the hotel will have to pay the website a certain cost. Conversely, these websites will post photos and information and addresses of hotels on their websites.

Travelers using this hotel reservation can choose, comparing quite a few hotels in the same area. Through feedback, customers can evaluate the actual conditions and quality of the hotel.

OTAs là một trong những kênh bán phòng khách sạn hiệu quả
OTAs are one of the effective hotel room sales channels

GDS – Global room distribution system

GDS stands for Global Distribution System, which means the global sales system. Selling hotel rooms through GDS is considered B2B (Business to Business).

When using GDS, hotel room information will be unified, ensuring no duplication when selling rooms across multiple channels at the same time.

Airlines : Selling hotel rooms through airlines

Airlines update the booking information of hotels right on their airline ticket website. Customers booking flight tickets will see suggestions and can book them at the same time.

Book a room via hotel website  

Most hotels build their own website system. In addition to information about room rates, they can also provide more information about other hotel services: spa, tour, F&B, …

This is the channel that many hotels, especially big hotels, are investing heavily in. Because if customers book through this channel, the hotel will not have to pay for agents.

Các công ty, đại lý du lịch chiếm 50-60% công suất phòng
Travel companies and agents account for 50-60% of room capacity

Selling rooms through travel agencies ( Travel Agency)

This is an important selling channel, accounting for a large proportion of room capacity, especially group tourists. Up to 60% of capacity, the hotel pays great attention to the Travel Agency. At the same time, provide these companies with the most preferential prices.

Corporation : companies, businesses

Many companies and large enterprises often have demand for tourism and business. The sales department of the hotel will have to keep in touch with these companies and sign short-term or long-term contracts. Accordingly, the hotel will facilitate good room rates and many incentives for other hotel services.


MICE stands for 4 services in the hotel: M: Meeting – I: Incentive – C: Conferencing – E: Exhibiton (Exhibition).

In large hotels, fully equipped with meeting rooms, conference rooms and large, modern halls, the organization of the above services is not new.

Through MICE, the hotel can not only sell rooms but also increase the reputation of the hotel. Because MICE visitors are usually businessmen, politicians, and social status. These guests are not only able to spend big money but also help the hotel expand partnerships.

GDS cũng là một kênh bán phòng mà rất nhiều khách sạn sử dụng
GDS is also a selling channel that many hotels use

Government  agencies

Not only businesses, companies need travel, business, government agencies also having. Therefore, through government agencies is also an important selling room for hotel rooms. In the Sales department, there is Sale GOV staff to serve this customer.

Sell ​​hotel rooms through other hotel staff

When guests book a tour at the hotel, the hotel staff will be responsible for advice and reservations at the tourist destination. Therefore, hotels in different areas can work together to benefit by exchanging resources for each other.

Selling Walk-in rooms

Walk in is the term for how to sell a hotel room directly. This means that customers do not book through any channels. They will come to the reception to book a room, it’s Walk in guests.

With the sale of guest rooms for walk in, the hotel will sell rooms with the highest price, the least cost.

With these hotel sales channels, hotels often use multiple channels at the same time to maximize room capacity. However, there are also small hotels that only use one or several channels. However, it can be affirmed that every hotel wants its hotel information to appear on many channels, as much as possible.

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