Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

2 hotel leather suits for Asian style bedroom

The hotel leather style for a beautiful East Asian bedroom. Detailed images and descriptions of leather suit DD 15 and DD 20 of Star Solutions

DD 20 leather suit

DD 20 leather suits are the preferred  candidate in the hotel leather suite collection of Star Solutions in Asia style. This is also the design that hotel experts appreciate both aesthetic as well as durability when using.

The entire outer surface of the items is made from synthetic nylon material extremely sturdy, eye-catching design with elegant gray tone. Each nylon fibre is woven together meticulously, making the lines extremely attractive for this leather DD 20 .

But perhaps the element that sets the class as well as the quality of this suit is the high quality leather that is designed around the inside of the product. With high quality leather, every detail is guaranteed the highest durability as well as absolute aesthetics. The surface is incredibly smooth, very resistant to water, moisture, easy to clean when dirty.

The logo, the hotel name is designed prominently in the center of the appliances, they are important decorative details to make the suit more eye-catching, creating exclusive sets of products, with its own characteristics. This is like an affirmation, a way to promote the brand of the hotel closer to the customer, is the subtle reminder to customers to remember more about your hotel.

Bộ đồ da khách sạn cho phòng ngủ phong cách Á DD15
DD15 Hotel leather set in Asian style

DD15 Hotel leather set in Asian style

Not only are the assurance quality services, the best comfort for the hotel bedroom, DD 15 sets also give your hotel a bedroom space that is close, familiar , but still luxurious and fashionable.

DD 15 is a sample hotel furniture for Asian style bedroom with traditional decoration. Although, this set is one of the high grade leather goods , but with aesthetics, the subtlety for them is not the leather material with smooth glossy look but synthetic fibers. Small nylon fibers are woven together. If seen from afar, many would think they are made from natural rattan fibers – the familiar, traditional material in Vietnam.

The design of the product is simple, but still has the highest comfort for the hotel bedroom, including the important appliances such as bin , copper table, ashtray, tea box, coffee box, control box, tissue box, A5 clamp, …

The striking feature of this kit is that the details are meticulously designed on the surface of each product. The small rounded skin, with a luxurious brown tinge, is carefully attached to the center of each item, making it an eye-catching backdrop to design and print the hotel’s logo and name on it. These details, not only increase the aesthetics of the product, but also a tool to affirm, promote the brand, bring the image of the hotel closer to customers, reminded them of the hotel.

Bộ đồ da khách sạn cho phòng ngủ phong cách Á DD 20
DD 20 the hotel leather set in Asia style

With a team of professional designers, creativity, rich and fast to grasp the trends of the times , the products in the hotel room leather by  Star Solutions  provide not only quality assurance but also possesses a super-class appearance, fashionable, no less unique. Come to Star Solutions to get premium leather and hundreds of quality products  and amenities.

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