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3 Criterias for choosing the best razor for a 3 star hotel

The best razor choice for a 3 star hotel should be based on what criteria? Shaving razors for the best 3 star hotel in Star Solutions

Quality razor for 3 star hotel

Whatever the product or service, the first thing people look at is quality. So, with a 3-star hotel, what is the best choice of razors ?

Effective use of razors

For hotel razor products, the first factor to judge is the sharpness of the blade: is it clean, does it hurt the skin? Therefore, when choosing a razor we need to pay attention to the blade part of the razor. You should choose the stainless steel blade, high sharpness.

Mẫu dao cạo râu CR01 của Star Solutions
Shaving Razor CR01 from Star Solutions

Safety of the product

To ensure the safety of the user, when choosing the best razor for a 3 star hotel, choose a wide exposure blades,  not too close to avoid damage to the skin.

Often, 3-star hotels will use a shampoo without soothing mints on the top, so it’s important to focus on the tongue and tip of the knife. However, you can invest in the selection of razors with top grade mint to enhance the quality of service of the hotel.

Mẫu dao cạo râu có lớp bạc hà ở đầu của Star Solutions
The Star Solutions shaving heads have a mint coat

The longevity of the razor

High-grade plastic or plastic material is the best choice for producing razor blades. This high-grade plastic has high durability, color palpability and flexibility. This material will give you beautiful products, the surface of the handle firmly, secure and can be able to fall when shaving.

The best razor choice for a 3 star hotel that must be hygienic

When buying a hotel razor you should choose a plastic cover in the knife protector. To make sure the service and score in the customer’s eyes you can put the razors in plastic or paper box designs and print the logo, hotel name.

Lựa chọn dao cạo râu tốt nhất cho khách sạn 3 sao
Choose of best shaving razor for 3 star hotel

Choose a design for a 3-star hotel razor

The size of a 3-star hotel razor

  • Length: Medium 9 – 15cm
  • Long blade: 3 – 4cm

Material: Hard plastic and stainless steel

Color: monochrome tone, can choose the color: white, black, blue are the luxury tone color, easy to use.

Shape: Choose designs that are simple, not too fancy, with cylindrical or square handles that are most suitable. The handle surface has raised edges to enhance the aesthetics of the product, while providing a sense of security, ease of use.

Price of razor blade for 3 star hotel

The price is always what makes the owner to think when looking for razor products for their hotel . Because this is a one-time item, investing in a reasonable amount of money requires careful consideration.

For a 3-star hotel, razor models cost between  1,700 and  2,500 VND are the best choices. The products in this price range have to ensure the quality requirements, the design costs are not too high.

Reference:  3 star quality hotel shampoo, cheap Star Solutions

3 tiêu chí quan trọng để lựa chọn dao cạo râu tốt nhất cho khách sạn 3 sao
3 Criteria for choosing the best razor for a 3 star hotel

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