Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

3 quality and cheap price hotel razor by Star Solutions

Best quality razor models at Star Solutions. Detailed description of the material, design of each razor model CR01, CR03, CR11

CR 01High quality hotel razor

This is a  good quality hotel razor product, which is highly appreciated by customers. CR01 has a simple, compact design that is extremely handy.

The CR01’s body is made of solidly molded plastic. Simplicity of design with fine plastic moldings gives the user a comfortable, natural feel when using.

2.5 cm long tool with wide, safe contact surface. The sharp stainless steel double sharp blade ensures quick, clean removal of the beard. The hard plastic protection outside protects the blade head from dirt and bacteria from the outside.

The CR 01 is designed with 2 color tones in black and white, it’s simply two colors that are highly appreciated for their subtlety, elegance and, especially, never-out-of-date. We can also change the color according to the wishes of our customers.

Dao cạo râu khách sạn chất lượng cao CR 01
CR 01High quality hotel razor

CR 03Hotel razor

If you are familiar with the plastic razors of a hard plastic ,  let’s experience the CR-03 to see the difference.

Being invested in materials and design, CR 03  occupies the whole affection of visitors at first sight. The handle of the blade is made of hard plastic in the same layer of soft plastic with non-slip on the outside. The small horizontal lines are designed on both sides of the handle, giving the user a natural feel, as well as ensure the safety does not fall, slip when using.

The blade of the CR 03 is made from high grade stainless steel with a double-edged design for quick and clean cleansing. In particular, the CR 03 quality razor  is equipped with a soft mint coat at the tip of the blade, has a soothing effect and does not damage the skin.

Although, they are well-equipped with sophisticated material, design but the price of this product is quite competitive, suitable for mid-range hotels.

Dạo cạo râu khách sạn CR 03
CR 03 Hotel razor

CR 11 High quality hotel razor

This is the most affordable, class-leading product available at Star Solutions , in line with the many hotel standards.

Slender design, colorful with the simple but also classy. Hard plastic is the material that makes up the body of this razor . The plastic is designed in a monolithic style.   

On the surface of the handle there are floating plastic edges that have good slip resistance when the blade comes into contact with water during shaving. The sharp blade, with two steel blades made of high quality stainless steel, helps to clean up the beard.

With just over 1000 VND, you already own this razor. With quality and price, there is no reason for you to reject this CR 11.

Dao cạo râu khách sạn chất lượng cao CR 11
CR 11 High quality hotel razor

In addition to the three products featured above, Star Solutions also offers a wide range of hotel razor with a variety of designs, colors and materials to choose from. The razors are designed and manufactured directly so the price is extremely competitive, ensuring you bring the best price, best suited to the pocket.

Please contact with Star Solutions for advice and ordered the razor samples and hotel products .


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