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4 cheap toothbrushes for 3 star hotels

Where to buy the best Toothbrush for 3-star hotel? The Star solution toothbrush model for 3 star hotel is beautiful, cheap, good quality

3 stars hotel toothbrush BC 68

The first is the toothbrush model BC 68 , this is a toothbrush model that many 3 star hotel investors prefer at first sight. BC 68 is the best-selling toothbrush model at Star Solutions and receives a lot of positive feedback from users.

Disposable toothbrush   BC 68 attracts customers from the first glance with dark brown coffee and luxury class. With this color tone, hotel owners easily coordinate in harmony with the space and interior of the hotel room.

BC68 will help the hotel bathroom becomes more classy. The brush body is made of high quality HDPE plastic, very safe for the user. The surface is designed rough, smooth to feel comfortable, firm when holding.

BC68 has a small brush head, which helps users clean the oral cavity more easily, deep cleansing and remove plaque. The thick bristle brush with, soft, and fine tips help clean the bacteria deep in the teeth.

Mẫu bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn 3 sao BC 68
3 stars hotel toothbrush BC 68

Disposable hotel toothbrush BC 03

If you are looking for a brush with the same design as a personal brush at home, the BC 03 toothbrush  is a great choice. The head of the brush is designed long, easy to move in the oral cavity and clean deep, the breath is no longer have unpleasant smell.

The brush body is tapered at the two ends, the center of the brush body is a bit larger so it fits snugly with the handle. Especially on the front and back of the center of the brush are the edges so that when using it is not slippery, create a highlight for the product.

The bristles are manufactured on a line of advanced technology, which are designed to be high and low interwoven. This design helps the user clean plaque and safe for enamel as well as not damage the gums.

Mẫu bàn chải dùng một lần khách sạn BC 03
Disposable hotel toothbrush BC 03

BC 13 – Toothbrush for 3 star hotels

When mentioning the toothbrush model for a 3 star hotel we have to mention the toothbrush model BC 13 . This is a very popular brush on the market today.

The highlights also the difference of this toothbrush with the other is the tip of toothbrush, it is a little bit long to easily move. This design is very popular with Japanese travelers because they love toothbrushes with small brushes.

The bristles is very detailed with two layers of super soft. A long bristles top with superfine and pointed can clean the teeth, a shorter bristles, can clean the teeth and removes plaque.

The bristles body is made of high quality plastic, very friendly, safe with the user. The soft plastic  create the very real hand when used.

BC 13 - Bàn chải đánh răng cho khách sạn 3 sao
BC 13 – Toothbrush for a 3 star hotel

BC 07 hotel Toothbrush

If you like the white toothbrush, the model BC 07 hotel toothbrush is a suggestion for you. The plastic material is light, beautiful and looks quite luxurious. The hotel bathroom will become more classy when you own this BC 07 hotel toothbrush model. This is a brush model that many hotels choose at the appropriate price to the hotel market segment of 3 stars or higher.

Tooth brush   BC 07 is designed with youthful style, dynamic, sophisticated with eye-catching design. The brush body is designed with a gentle curve and fits snugly with the handle. The size and weight of the brushes are designed to suit the user, giving the user the feel of a very comfortable.

In addition, the toothbrush body is designed slightly concave down in the middle so that users can put their thumbs. The back of the brush body has a slightly indented point to place the index finger, avoiding slipping during brushing.

The BC 07 brush is made from high quality plastic, looks very luxurious, the owner can change the color to suit the space, hotel interior. At the same time, the size and thickness of the brush may also vary according to the wishes of the hotel’s owner.

The bristles of the toothbrush are designed to be soft to moderate, cleaning the plaque on the teeth evenly. The advanced technology from abroad makes the bristles straight, without tilt, firmly attached to the brush head. Therefore, users can absolutely peace of mind about the product.

Bàn chải đánh răng khách sạn BC 07
BC 07 hotel Toothbrush


Four brushes that Star Solutions has just introduced are brushes with beautifully designed, luxurious hotel suitable for segment from 3 stars. Brushes are selected by our customers for customers who have high quality requirements such as Japanese, Korean, European, American, … Not only that, they also have very good price, is Produced and distributed exclusively by Star Solutions.

All our products are committed to quality and the best prices in the market today. You can contact Star Solutions directly for advice or ordering or see a few more samples of our hotel toothbrushes.

Hopefully with the share from Star solutions, you can choose the most suitable toothbrush model. Since then, we have got quality products with competitive price to improve product quality, service quality as well as reputation for customers.

Please contact us for advice and order via Hotline: 094 76 11111.

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