Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

4 hotel liquid containers having the most beautiful design in 2017

What is the best container  in the hotel room? Hotel Resin liquid container models in the hotel room with the best quality

A set of hotel rooms includes many details: paper box, hotel amenities tray , vase, toothbrush case , … and certainly can not lack the  hotel liquid container  in the room. Just a small piece of furniture in a hotel room, the liquid container holds a very important position, not only to ensure the quality of service, but also to increase the detail aesthetic for the bedroom

With high resin materials, the hotel litter samples below are the products have beautiful design and many investors choose the most today. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these products below.

Bình dung dịch trong phòng khách sạn resin RS 07
RS 07 Resin solution containers

RS 07 Resin solution containers

Only with the first look you can feel the elegance and sophistication of the RS 07 solution container. With the design style of professional imitation stone, the container with a luxurious look and class. Like the most advanced stone, they look incredibly sophisticated and eye-catching.

The elaborately engraved pattern on the body of each container is the main highlight to add elegance and elegance to the set. Moreover, these details also give the product more certain, anti-slip when holding.

Bình dung dịch trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin RS 13
RS 13 Resin solution containers

RS 13 Resin solution containers

RS 13 Resin solution container is brilliant and eye-catching to decorate the hotel room space more luxurious . The product is made with many colors ranging from light, white, gray, blue, … to the brilliant colors, highlights such as red, pink, bronze, … This is the attraction of  this set.

The biggest plus for RS 13 is the shape of the containers. With the amazing resonance of plastic resin, the container are designed with a shiny and clear appearance, making many people think that they are made from glass.

Bình dung dịch trong phòng khách sạn nhựa resin RS 16
RS 16 Resin solution containers

RS 16 Resin solution containers

With a mix of yellow and brown tones that are delicately crafted into elaborate stone edges, combined with a premium gold plated faucet, give the hotel room a suite of containers products. The containers are designed squarely to a standard size, creating a uniform product as well as room space.

With superior resin material, the RS 16 can also change the design and color, how to fit and harmonize with the space of the hotel.

Bình dung dịch trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin RS 18
RS 18 Resin solution containers

RS 18 Resin solution containers

The RS 18 is a sample bottle that is getting a lot of love from hotel owners as well as tourists. The product is designed quite distinctive in both style and color.

Although still faithful to the style of imitation stone, but thanks to the wonderful transformation of plastic resin, has helped make the product create its own unique features. Striped stone fins are designed in free-spiraled patterns, which remind us of the surface of the sparkling pearls that contain the sediments of time.

For more outstanding products, the owner can design the details, patterns on the surface of the product, such as logo of the hotel, brand name, … Not only increase the aesthetics for It, also an effective means to bring the image of the hotel closer to customers. This is like an invisible reminder, which helps the hotel’s brand to be deeper in the customer’s mind.


With a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff, the ability to grasp the trend is fast, Star Solutions always brings customers the products in the hotel rooms. Especially, as the products of the solution in the bedroom, hotel bathroom, we always invest a lot of thought and time from design, selection, processing materials to production, Ensure to bring customers the best products.

Star Solutions is proud to be recognized by many hotel owners as one of the leading hotel and restaurant  equipment suppliers in Vietnam. The trust and support of the owners is motivation for us to continue to try to launch the best quality and aesthetic products.

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