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4 notice when designing a room number sign in neoclassical style

The design for the room number sign follow neoclassical style hotel room have some notes ? Features of neoclassical style of hotel signboards

The sample room number  sign follow neoclassical style always creates a strong impression, special attraction with tourists and is a bright light enhance the aesthetics for hotel space. However, not all hotels may use these room number designs. Here, we will point out some important notes when designing the neoclassical hotel room number sign.

4 lưu ý khi thiết kế biển số phòng khách sạn phong cách tân cổ điển
4 notice when designing a room number sign in neoclassical style 

The design must match the architecture and design of the hotel

Imagine, a modern hotel space with simple criteria, but there are some neoclassical style with meticulous details. What do you think about this? It seems that the two styles are “out of phase” quite a lot, when one expresses the natural beauty of modern life, the other style is more luxurious and elegant. They make the hotel space seem “awkward” and seem quite disjointed.

Therefore, to create a perfect space classic style standards, sure the uniform design from architecture, furniture to equipment,… is a very important factor. The uniformity and unification in the design style will help the hotel create a beautiful overall, catching the attention and leave the best impression in the hearts of customers.

In order to be able to make the right choice, you need to capture the most trendy room number design trends today , to find the best product for your hotel.

Thiết kế phải phù hợp với kiến trúc và phong cách thiết kế của khách sạn
The design must match the architecture and design of the hotel

The number of rooms must be balance between the classic and modern style 

The neo-classical style is a combination of two classic and modern styles. Therefore, when designing the number of rooms in this style, you should pay attention not to use  only one style, try to retain the most characteristic of the classic style and also Go too far into modern elements.

The room number sign is designed in this style and still bears the character of classical style: luxury with motifs, sophisticated carvings. But the difference with classical style is the simplicity and even the detail. Add to that the liberal, innovative elements in the design to help reduce the product cumbersome and heavy.

Biển số phòng phải dung hoà giữa phong cách cổ điển và hiện đại 
The number of rooms must balance between the classic and modern style

Product colors must be in harmony with the space

The contrast between light and dark tones is the perfect choice for neoprene- style. Colors such as black and white, yellow with black or white with mahogany will help you create a spot for space. When choosing colors for the room number you need to pay attention to the main colors of space, such as door color, wall color, background color, …

Material of the neoclassical style hotel room number sign must be durable

Material is also one of the important note can not be ignored, because it is the main decisive factor to the luxury, the class of this style. Currently, plastics and high grade metals (copper, alloys, …) against corrosion are the most used materials to make hotel room number plates .

Not only the high durability but these materials have excellent shaping ability can produce products with high precision to millimeters.

Chất liệu làm biển số phòng khách sạn phong cách tân cổ điển phải có độ bền cao
Material of the neoclassical style of room number signs  must be durable

With the note we give above, we hope you will be able to select the most appropriate room number sign for your neoclassical hotel style.

With a team of professional experts in the field of consultancy and design of hotel launches, Star Solutions always update and bring more optimal choice for your hotel. Come to us for advice and choose the room number  that best suits the architecture of the hotel.

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