Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

4 perfect materials to design hotel room number signboard

The design of the number hotel rooms sign currently used mainly 4 materials are: wood, bronze, high-grade plastic and alloy

On the market today, there are many materials to create a beautiful and classy sample  number of rooms sign , ​​such as: synthetic resins, mica, copper, wood, tole, alloy, … It makes people confused when choosing materials to design the hotel number sign.

As soon as you read this article, you will realize that the choice of materials for the number of hotel rooms is really easy. Because each material possesses its own beauty and style, with different advantages and disadvantages, the price of each material is different. Investors can base on these features to select the most suitable material.

In today’s article, we will present to you 4 materials are receiving many choices and favorites of many investers.

4 chất liệu hoàn hảo để thiết kế biển số phòng khách sạn
4 perfect materials to design hotel room number sign

The room number sign made by high-grade plastic  

Plastic hotel signboards are the most popular product lines currently available and are mainly used in PVC and uPVC.

The superiority of these plastic lines is the high aesthetic with shiny shades look extremely luxurious. With a smooth surface, high tensile strength combined with the plasticity, these materials can bring to your hotel the most beautiful and perfect design with smooth lines, smooth texture.

Not only that, this high-grade plastic material also has good impact resistance, resistant to the effects of high temperatures and ultraviolet rays. So you do not have to worry about product warping or changing shape, size due to temperature and climate in Vietnam.

High-grade plastic signboards are the ideal choice for coastal hotels because of their high corrosion resistance, no concern for items or fraying like other materials.

With this material, your hotel room number sign do not need to be painted or covered with any protective layer, but the color remains as good as new despite years of use. The cost of maintaining this type of signboard is also very low, the use of this type of signboard is quite long.

In addition, these high-grade plastics can be combined with other materials to create more stylish and impressive products.

Biển số phòng khách sạn bằng nhựa cao cấp
The rooms number signboard made of high-grade plastic

The design of hotel room number sign made of copper

The high-grade copper hotel room number sign are always the first choice for luxury hotels with classy luxury with noble style.

This is a metal line that is appreciated by its durability as well as its aesthetics. High flexibility, easy to change the style in accordance with the style, requirements of investors.

With the characteristic color of fresh copper, the hotel room number sign have a natural orange color, bringing a sense of closeness, warmth but no less delicate and luxurious. An absolute advantage of this material is the aesthetics as well as the ancient level becomes more beautiful and valuable through the use.

The hotel room number sign are made of high-grade low oxidation, high resistance to corrosion, the level of impact of natural factors is higher than other metal. And most prominent is the strength of the copper material, they are less warped, deformed with the ability to withstand extreme compression. The minimum use of high-grade copper hotel hotel signage can be up to dozens of years.

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Biển số phòng khách sạn chất liệu đồng
The hotel room number sign made of copper material

Wooden hotel room number signs 

When it comes to material that is both high in durability and luxury, it is impossible to ignore the perfect material, which is wood.

The wood is durable, can fit many spaces, the purpose of the design of the number of rooms different. With products made from natural wood that has undergone a rigorous process of “longevity” it must be at least 10 years.

The room number sign made of wood bring the hotel space / resort the natural beauty, rustic. Not possessing brilliant colors or flashy designs, but the room number sign made of wood still have a strange attraction with customers by the pure, wild and simple feeling, warmth It gives the landscape, the living space of the hotel.

Thiết kế biển số phòng khách sạn bằng gỗ
The design of wooden hotel room number sign

Hotel signboard made of alloy

Alloys are combinations of several metal elements with each other or between metal elements with non-metallic elements. At present, the most used alloys to make hotel room number plates are colored alloys. They can bring to your hotel the beautiful and luxurious number of rooms with different design styles.

The advantage of this alloy is high corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, not affected by weather factors such as metal product line, anti-moldy, termite, crack. When you design, they will give you the hotel rooms number sign with smooth edges, ensuring safe construction.

In addition, the durability as well as the life of the alloyed products is higher than that of metal products. The technology of the alloy is suitable for many conditions of casting, cutting, heat treatment to use CNC or laser technology, ensure to bring to the hotel products with high productivity. The price is super reasonable.

Biển bảng khách sạn bằng hợp kim
Hotel signboard made of alloy

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