Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

4 sets of hotel leather perfect match with white tones

The pictures of leather in hotel rooms have the finest white, modern and luxurious color and provided by Star Solutions.

Many owners who choose to use their hotel supplies are hesitant to choose white tones although they are very fond of them, for fear they are susceptible to being dirty, losing the aesthetics of the suit as well. But with 4 sets of leather in this classy hotel room , you will completely satisfy your taste as well as give your hotel suite a great range of both quality and aesthetics.

Bộ đồ da trong phòng khách sạn 06
06 hotel Leather suit

06 hotel Leather suit

Your hotel bedroom will be much better with this classy and classy leather suit . In light and elegant white tones, every detail in the suit is designed quite simply, but not so as to lose the subtle beauty as well as the fashion they bring to the space of the room.  

Designed solely in white, but the product is not monotonous, they look extremely luxurious and attractive with eye-catching rhinestones stamping on the surface of each detail. With state-of-the-art molding technology, the kit does not use glue or just to keep the stamping, but each line is clear and sharp, giving the perfect outfit for the items in the hotel suite.

Not only bring out the beauty of products outside but leather material also confirm the quality and durability of the product. The main material of the hotel kit  06 is the suede highest level over the selection process and handle carefully, therefore, investors can be assured of the quality of product.

Bộ đồ da trong phòng khách sạn 11
Leather suit in hotel room No. 11

Leather suit in hotel room No. 11

This is one of the most advanced leather suites for hotel rooms, not only being rated high in quality but from color, design to comfort absolute get the best score.

If the surface of the suit 06 is designed  in solely white, then with this set of No 11 you will see a completely different image. The appearance of irregular edges on the surface of each detail is an expensive highlight to make the set look more attractive.

The kit is not entirely in white color, but with a perfect combination of white and translucent faux finishes that make up the most fashionable items.

This set is designed with a lot of items, to meet the needs of customers, including important details, such as watches, paper boxes, tea boxes, control boxes, ashtrays, magazine shelves, ice boxes, … and even leather cover folders, do not disturb sign or the A5 invoice hoder extremely convenient.

Bộ đồ da trong phòng khách sạn 13
Hotel leather suit No 13

Hotel leather suit No 13

Featuring a fashionable look, leather set No 13 will be the brightest candidate for a trendy hotel bedroom. The details are not too sophisticated but still ensure the luxury as well as the modern space for the room.

With its subtle white tones, the suit is capable of combining a wide variety of colors ranging from light to brilliant or even darker in contrasting shades, ensuring the highest level of harmony and aesthetics for the space of the hotel bedroom.

The 13-inch leather hotel suite also features an eye-catching look with its ultra-smooth, glossy surface that not only makes it look and feel more attractive, It also contributes to the durability of the product.

With this kit, owners no longer have to worry about hygiene as well as maintenance. When the product is dirt, the room staff only needs a  cotton towel and a small amount of detergent can clean the product without any effect on their beauty and quality.

Bộ đồ da trong phòng khách sạn 18
Leather suit No. 18

Leather suit No. 18

In a luxurious and cosmopolitan Asian hotel space, the appearance of this 18 leather suite will make the hotel bedroom even better than ever. This is also one of the most high-end product lines available today and is quite hotels and resorts in the 5 star segment selected. No need for too much cumbersome detail, this leather suit attracts your attention at first sight with the perfect combination of white leather and brown natural wood.

To make the set more eye-catching and professional, investors can print or stamp the logo, hotel name on the surface of the details. This is both a way to increase the aesthetics of the product suite and bedroom space, and is a great solution for hotels to deploy image promotion strategies , attract attention and interest of customer.

With the goal of providing customers with the most up-to-date products and quality of equipment, our Star Solutions staff constantly strive to update, research and create products in line with the trend of the times.

With hundreds of hotel room designs from premium leather materials, Star Solutions will help your hotel to have the best suits from quality, design style to price. Contact us today for advice and more information about our products.

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