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5 most beautiful 7 star hotels in the world today

With the development level of many countries in the world today, the demand for human tourism and relaxation is huge. Many people travel with the desire to discover and experience or simply get comfortable after a series of hard days. Have you ever thought you could get a 7-star hotel vacation? Let the Star Solutions discover five 7 star hotel that has been extremely luxurious building in the world today.

1.Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi:

Khách sạn 7 sao
Emirates Palace 7-star hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel is considered one of the rare 7-star hotels in the world today. The investment cost for this hotel project is quite large at about 3.9 billion USD. It is also quite famous for using up to 40 tons of gold to decorate some places in the hotel.

Emirates Palace is designed by British architects and it is currently belonging to the Kempinski (Germany) leading hotel management group. Emirates Palace Hotel is currently located in a golden land near the beach in Abu Dhabi. It was come into operation in 2005 until now. This place regularly welcomes the heads of state, the aristocracy, the world’s top stars.

Emirates Palace is 8 floors high with a total floor area of ​​up to 850,000m2. The price of overnight rooms here ranges from 470 USD or more. The most expensive room here is Palace Suites with a price of $ 15,000 per night. The strange thing about this hotel is that it is equipped with an automatic gold vending machine. The hotel restaurant Mezlai and Le Vendome is famous for its fancy gold leaf desserts. But if compared to hotels with such common premises, the room price here is quite reasonable and not expensive. It is creating conditions for many visitors to come here to enjoy.

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2. Orlando iSquare hotel and business center complex:

khách sạn 7 sao
The complex of 7-star hotels and iSquare trade center

Although this hotel has not been completed yet, at the present time it attracts many people’s attention. As planned, this hotel will have 1256 rooms and each room here meets the extremely high standards of a 7-star hotel.

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3. Pangu Plaza in Beijing, China:

Khách sạn 7 sao
The most luxurious 7-star Pangu Plaza hotel in China

The Pangu Plaza was originally called Morgan Plaza and is one of the most luxurious hotels in China. This building has appeared in a recent hot movie Transformers 4. It is considered as a symbol in the current development in Beijing.

Inside the hotel is designed like a small temple. The luxury in this place is also shown through the precious marble columns in the lobby, the rooms are decorated with sophisticated and fully equipped. This place will definitely be the ideal place to satisfy any guest.

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4. Pentominium in Dubai:

khách sạn 7 sao
Pentominium is the best 7-star hotel in the world

Dubai is now a wealthy city with luxurious living standards in the world today. It is also reflected in the willingness of Dubai to build two 7-star high-class hotels.

The first is a Pentominium hotel and it is currently in the process of completion and construction. It will be expected to become the world’s most luxury apartment building with a height of up to 2000 meters. Along with that is the modern equipment is gradually being improved quickly. And certainly will be the indispensable services such as butler, luxury car rental … This will certainly be the place most visitors are expected.

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5. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai:

khách sạn 7 sao
Burj Al Arab is the first 7-star hotel in the world

This is the first 7 star hotel in the world. It was designed by Tom Wright WS Atkins PLC architect with a height of up to 321 meters. Previously it was a high-class building built with the most comfortable equipment. By the time it was completed, it was used as the most luxurious hotel in the world.

People built this hotel for 6 years and it is currently located on an artificial island. When you come here you must go through a separate bridge to enter the hotel. This is definitely one of the most wonderful hotels in the world including 28 floors with 202 rooms scattered at 26 floors. The staff ratio here is 8: 1 (1 guest has 8 staff).

This hotel has 8 restaurants, has an ocean restaurant, 4 swimming pools, a modern gym, a high-end bar and spa. And it has a Royal Suite room that costs one night up to 18,716 USD – The price that only the super rich people have the opportunity to come and experience.

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