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How to design a unique and fascinates 5-star hotel lobby

The 5-star hotel lobby is considered the face of the hotel itself. So any hotel owner does not regret investing in their hotel. The unique hotel lobby will make a deep impression on customers. Certainly, visitors will remember and recommend to their relatives and friends. Star Solutions will help you with small tips that you can set up the most unique and impressive 5-star hotel lobby.

Why should have a beautiful 5-star hotel lobby:

Today the hotel is not only a resort, but now it is also a place to organize large and small events such as conferences, weddings, etc. So when choosing a hotel to organize, they will definitely must choose a very luxurious space. Thus, it can make their event more prominent and more classy.

When customers start their footsteps, their first impression will be the hotel lobby. Every hotel owner wants customers to remember the hotel and always want to come back. Therefore the hotel owners not regret the money, but the investment in the lobby was more prominent. No matter what kind of attention your  5-star hotel lobby, it will bring profits to the hotel.

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Principles when designing beautiful hotel lobby:

The hotel lobby is also the face of the entire hotel. It can carry modern or classic appearance based on that hotel owner. As long as you design impressive and unique hotel lobby, it will also attract customers.

  • Design of hotel lobby, elevator, emergency exit must be spacious, enabling customers to move easily.
  • Reception desk, waiting area are designed with lighting system suitable for the design in the lobby. This can create an impression and luxury when customers start stepping inside.
  • Brand, logo is designed near the reception desk of the hotel. It can help you create an important highlight for the hotel lobby.

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sảnh khách sạn 5 sao
The design of the 5-star hotel lobby is full of mystery for the hotel itself

Hotel lobby design is both simple and beautiful:

Today, the design of the hotel lobby is much simpler than before. The cumbersome patterns or heavy décor have no longer been favored. It will be replaced by gentle, subtle minimalism. Light and color will be arranged appropriately, in harmony with each other. If you use more external tools such as 3D wall tiles will cause excitement for customers. Or if you use room painting, it will make the space more impressive.

About the style : the hotel lobby area should be designed in conjunction with the logo to make a difference. Currently on the market there are many beautiful reception and model styles. Besides, you should design the reception in the shape of an arc or oval so customers will feel more comfortable and friendly with the environment.

About color : This may be a factor that makes a deep impression on customers when coming here. Usually the floor, wall paint, ceiling light color to create a cool space. And the reception will be chosen with a deep color to highlight the hotel.

About materials : In addition to traditional materials such as bricks, stone, cement … many hotels also prefer to use other materials such as natural wood, natural stone … to create the characteristics of the lounge hotel.

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sảnh khách sạn 5 sao
Lobby design with modern style creates accents by fancy chandeliers

1. Modern style hotel lobby design:

Modern lobby design is quite popular among people today. This modern style gives customers the feeling of novelty, comfort and relaxation. Customers can feel the full convenience like being at home

2. Stylish design of neoclassical hotel lobby

A hotel lobby with the colors of neoclassical is exploited thoroughly to emphasize the elegance and sophistication. But it will not lose the modernity that the hotel wants to aim at. Factors such as furniture, decorations are inspired by soft curves that are subtle and gentle. Therefore, it creates the very own beauty for customers when experiencing here.

3. Design style mini hotel lobby

Many hotels now choose to follow the mini lobby trend to create new and interesting for customers. The lobby will be designed simply, gently but still ensure full facilities. But it requires a lot of meticulousness and creativity from professional workers.

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9 Impressive and unique 5-star hotel lobby form:

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

Hotel lobby looks airy, high, more spacious when using toughened glass and high gloss materials to bring luxury and modernity to the hotel.

With the neoclassical design along with the red tone and patterned stairs beneath the floor, it creates a luxurious feeling that makes you feel like you are entering a beautiful castle.

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

Ngay từ khi bước chân vào chắc hẳn bạn sự choáng ngợp bởi sự mát lạnh và sang trọng với kiến trúc từ đá nhưng vẫn mang đến sự mềm mại tinh tế trong từng cách bố trí.

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

The swirling staircase design makes visitors like entering a labyrinth full of luxury

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

With a simple design, gently taking the light as the main purpose creates a very cozy and close space to customers.sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

This hotel lobby is accentuated by a staircase designed with winding lotus flowers and a hallway adorned with lovely small potted plants. It just gives you a sense of politeness and elegance, but still brings a bit of natural flavor around the hotel space.

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

5-star hotel lobby with a combination of innovative marble wallpaper and big cotton decoration along with fancy design chandeliers that create a new but still cozy feeling to customers when coming here.

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

 Spacious and airy space with soft lines on the floor makes you feel closer to the surrounding space.

sảnh khách sạn 5 sao

The 5-star hotel lobby is accentuated by the big and eye-catching columns that come with its mysterious color, which will make you excited when you experience the service here.

The 5-star hotel lobby is considered the most beautiful and luxurious area in the hotel. Therefore, many investors spend a lot of money just to decorate the hotel lobby. The more eye-catching 5-star hotel lobby, the easier it is for many customers to pay attention to it. So if you want your hotel to increase sales, you should design the hotel lobby in the most eye-catching way.

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