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5 tips for staff when receiving orders

Order is one of the things that every person has to do when visiting restaurants, cafes. So what is the order? During the process of receiving customers’ orders, what are the thing that the restaurant need to pay attention? The process of receiving standard orders from customers.

What is an order?

What is an order? In English, order means ordering. The word “order” is now used in many fields: F&B, online shopping, etc. When using in the field of hotel and restaurant, order is the term for ordering food of customers.

Order work is done by customers. However, the person who receive the oder is order staff. They are not only the ones who record the food and drinks but also introducing and suggesting the criteria of the restaurant. In other words, order employees help customers complete their order process.

Order là gì?
What is an order employee?

The process of receiving orders from customers

When the customer needs to order, the order staff approaches, gives the menu to the customer and asks the customer about what customers want to use. In the process, order staff can answer or suggest to customers the main dishes of the restaurant, the taste of the dish, the ingredients in the food,… When the customer orders, the staff orders and record and read back to the customer once before bringing the order slip to the processing department (kitchen).

This process may have minor differences in each restaurant. Typically, a separate SOP standard process will be built for order employees.

Quy trình chuẩn khi nhận order là gì?
What is the standard process for receiving orders?

What are the notes for hotel restaurant staff when receiving orders?

Judging by a customer for a restaurant, the hotel is not only in the taste of the food but also the service. Like reception, service or cashier, hotel order staff must also be cautious while serving customers. During receiving orders from customers, order employees need to pay attention to the following details:

Pen with book / coupon order is indispensable when receiving orders

When receiving orders from customers, order employees must always have pen with paper on them. These items can help order employees ready to record guest requests even the smallest. When re-reading a customer order once, there is a written version to compare it without any mistakes or omissions.

At some modern restaurants, there is an application of ordering over the system. Employees order not to use pen and paper to write orders anymore. Instead, they use tablets. Ordering will be done through a modern computer system. However, the manual recording method is still applied at most restaurants and cafes.

Because most restaurants and hotels are still making orders manually. Therefore, the order employee also need to attention on this note. The employee’s writing order does not need to be beautiful but must be clear and easily to see. Do not use local words or use strange abbreviations when writing orders.

Besides reading and confirming orders with customers once before entering, order employees also need to confirm once more their order with the receiving department (stove, cashier, processing …). Make sure not to cause errors, lack of customer orders.

Một số lưu ý khi nhận order từ khách hàng
Some notes when receiving orders from customers

Stand position when receiving orders

When receiving orders, order employees need to stand next to their guests so they can hear their requests clearly. For individual or small group guests of 2-4 people, order staff can stand anywhere near the table. However, if it is a large group of guests, big tables, order employees must be observant to find the party owner, who is responsible for ordering dishes.

For cases where it is not easy to recognize the party owner, no active guest receives the order, the order employee can follow the priority rule: the elderly – women – children to serve.

Just like the skills of waitresses must have , the standing position in order to receive orders of the order employees also has a lot of attention. Do not stand too close or too far from guests. The distance between staff and guests is moderate, just enough to hear the guests’ words clearly, but not too hard, the visitors feel uncomfortable.

A warm and fresh attitude to customers

As one of those who have direct contact with customers, order employees is not required to have good appearance. However, always keep the freshness and enthusiasm when interacting with customers; willing to share the necessary information for guests when needed.

In the F&B service industry, order employees must interact with many different customers. Whether encountering any object, easy-going or fastidious, order employees must use the best expressions and attitudes when serving customers.

Some other notes for hotel restaurant order employees

The process of receiving orders of restaurants and hotels is usually followed  SOP standard procedure  of each restaurant. However, order employees must know the flexible report to not waste time and make customers annoying.

Inform guests in advance of dishes with a long processing process; items with spice components that are easy to cause irritation and allergies. Even if the guest does not ask.

Check the coupons, books, and items that were brought up immediately after receiving the food. Avoid wearing missing, mistakenly carrying dishes from other tables.

Pay attention to customers even when customers have finished ordering; ready to serve guests when needed. However, pay attention in a politely and delicately way so that customers do not feel being watched.

Receiving orders from customers is an important step that is indispensable in the operation of any restaurant or hotel. However, not all restaurants have their own payroll for order employees. For small-scale restaurants, the order employee’s job will be by hostess or reception desk service. Therefore, mastering the notes when receiving orders from customers is not only one of the  required skills of order employees  but also important knowledge for many other employees working in restaurants. .

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