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What is a restaurant? 5 ways to classify restaurants

F&B services today are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to bars, cafes, and tea shops, restaurants also grow at a dizzying pace to serve the needs of diners. What is a restaurant? How to classify popular restaurants today? What forms of restaurant service are available?

What is a restaurant?

What is a restaurant? The restaurant is a business specializing in F&B services with many food and beverage products to create profits for investors. The restaurant serves a variety of subjects with a variety of food and drinks. The restaurant serves customers who are mainly on-site guests. However, at present, in order to increase the competitiveness, expand the source of customers, most restaurants have convenient delivery services.

Doing a restaurant business involves not only cooking and selling food and drinks, but also needing links from many departments: management, buying, serving, communication, etc. Each part operates separately, unified to be able to bring satisfaction to customers, high profits for investors.

Các tiêu chí để phân loại nhà hàng là gì?
What are the criteria for classifying restaurants?

5 ways to classify restaurants today

The restaurant is a place to serve eating needs for many subjects in society. However, in order for the business to be highly effective, each restaurant must determine its main customer objectives. This is the basis for classifying current restaurants.

The restaurant classification according to restaurant scale

When sorting restaurants by scale, there are the following types of restaurants:

  • High-class restaurants, large restaurants, luxury restaurants
  • Mid-range restaurant, medium-sized restaurant
  • Small restaurant, affordable restaurant, restaurant

Can be based on cost, location, style to distinguish these types of restaurants. High-end restaurants often cost more; Nice location, more convenient; Luxury decoration, more class … However, this distinction is only relative.

Classify restaurant through style of food

This is a common way to classify restaurants. The basis of this classification is often based on the style of food that the restaurant serves:

  • French-style restaurant (serving French cuisine)
  • Chinese style restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
  • Asian restaurant
  • European restaurant
  • Hue Restaurant
  • Southern specialty restaurant
Nhà hàng Da Paolo Westlake (hồ Tây) chuyên món Ý
Da Paolo Westlake Restaurant (West Lake) specializes in Italian cuisine

Example: Da Paolo Westlake restaurant (West lake) specializing in Italian dishes, CJ restaurant – Marriot hotel specializing in Chinese cuisine, Mon Hue restaurant specializing in Hue food, ….

Based on services to classify restaurants

Classification of restaurants in the form of service is also very popular in Vietnam today. When divided by service, the restaurant has the following types:

  • Set menu service restaurant – restaurant serving by set
  • A lacarte restaurant – carte restaurant
  • Buffet restaurant – self-service restaurant
  • Fast food restaurant – restaurant serving fast food
  • Banquet hall restaurant – restaurant serving banquet and conference

Currently, restaurants often serve many types at the same time. Both have combos, order, and private party and conference area.

Nhà hàng buffet là gì?
What is a buffet restaurant?

Classify restaurants by type of food

Classifying restaurants by type of food will distinguish the types of restaurants:

  • Seafood restaurant: specializes in providing dishes from the sea: shrimp, crab, fish, squid, …
  • Restaurant specializing in chicken / cow / goat / duck …: specializing in selling dishes prepared from the main ingredients are chicken / cow / goat / duck …
  • Restaurant beer, pubs
  • Hotpot restaurant, grilled restaurant
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Ice cream restaurant
  • Vegetarian restaurant

Other ways to classify restaurants:

Classification of restaurants by ownership form:

  • Private restaurant
  • State-owned restaurant
  • Foreign investment restaurant
  • Stock restaurant
  • Specialized restaurants

Classify restaurants according to the degree of association:

  • Restaurants in hotels, supermarkets, businesses, schools, agencies, …
  • Independent business restaurant

The restaurants are now extremely diverse. To increase competitiveness, can serve more customers, each restaurant is more diversified in menu . At the same time, take more care in service, decoration. Therefore, the current classification of restaurants is only relative. However, the classification of restaurants is still very important to identify the main products, service styles, etc. Besides, clearly defining the type of restaurant also helps customers easily find restaurants when in need of eating.

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