Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

9 most beautiful lakeside resort in the world

Khu nghỉ dưỡng ven hồ là sự lựa chọn của rất nhiều du khách trên thế giới bởi khung cảnh đẹp, dịch vụ đa dạng, phù hợp với nhiều lứa tuổi khác nhau. National Geographic gần đây đã lọc ra danh sách những khu nghỉ dưỡng ven hồ nổi tiếng nhất trên thế giới

  1. Beach Resort Moreno: Llao Llao Hotel and Resort Golf Spa (Argentina)

khu nghỉ dưỡng ven hồ Llao Llao
Llao Llao Lake Resort

The Llao Llao Lake Resort is located in Río Negro, Argentina. This is a very convenient location between two lakes and majestic mountains. With over 100 years of history, Llao Llao offers excellent services: skiing, surfing, spa, … Large and modern indoor swimming pool, free shuttle, good restaurant … are things that visitors highly appreciate when coming here.

  1. Moraine Lake Resort: Moraine Lake Lodge – Canada

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Moraine nằm trong vườn quốc gia Banff trên dãy núi Rocky – Canada
The Moraine Resort is located in Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada

The Moraine Resort is located in Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. This is a favorite lake resort in North America by the system of wooden lodges, furniture in the room are handmade from natural wood. Besides wooden furniture, other facilities are also very modern and full: bathtub in room, balcony overlooking the lake, … Food service here is also very famous.

This resort is quite special, located in the mountains so do not provide telephone or television in each room. Guests can only access the internet and watch TV in the hotel lobby.

  1. Resort on Lake Sarmiento: Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa (Chile)

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa (Chile) là một trong những khu nghỉ dưỡng ven hồ được ưa thích nhất thế giới
Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa (Chile) is one of the most popular lakeside resort in the world

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is located along Sarmiento Lake and overlooks Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. This is a resort style environmentally friendly from design, furniture to products, services. Tours around the national park and nature tours: explore the mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls … are very popular with visitors when coming here.

Especially, when going to Tierra Patagonia, the on-site restaurant offers specialty dishes of Patagonia. Guests can use free and unlimited drinks, as well as wine.

  1. Lake Windermere Resort: Linthwaite House (UK)

Linthwaite House (Anh) có tầm nhìn đẹp ra hồ Windermere
Linthwaite House (England) has beautiful views of Windermere Lake

Linthwaite House is situated at the top of the mountain, offering beautiful views of Lake Windermere and the Lakeland Plateau. This is an ideal resort with convenient location, beautiful scenery, quiet and quality services. The on-site restaurant offers a seasonal menu. Breakfast, afternoon tea and beautiful sightseeing are the most pleasant things when coming here.

  1. Lake Pichola Resort: Taj Lake Palace (India)

Taj Lake Palace đã từng là nơi phục vụ riêng của Hoàng gia
Taj Lake Palace used to a private service for royal

Built in 1746 with completely marble to serve the Royal, palace Lake Taj has a very magnificent architecture. Beautiful views from the resort to the city palace, Aravalli hill and Machla Magra create a beautiful space, eye-catching appeal to visitors when coming here. Not only that, it is also an ideal destination to stop for those who want to explore the heritage of the Indian palace in detail.

  1. Lake Como Resort: CastaDiva Resort & Spa (Italy)

CastaDiva Resort & Spa là biệt thự được xây dựng từ thế kỉ 18
CastaDiva Resort & Spa was built in 18th century

CastaDiva Resort & Spa was built in the 18th century. The villa is surrounded by magnificent gardens. Here, in addition to the view of Lake Como – one of the most famous lakes in Italy there are many services: Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, modern indoor swimming pool, … Many visitor feel satisfy when using services at Salt therapy.

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  1. Resort on Lake Malawi: Pumulani (Malawi)

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Pumulani có thiết kế vô cùng hài hòa với thiên nhiên
Pumulani Resort is designed in harmony with nature

Pumulani Resort consists of 10 spacious villas, designed by Dutch architects in harmony with nature. The roof has thick grass, creating a cool space, and help the scene more natural and comfortable.

The location of Pumulani is extremely convenient, this is considered the ideal place for relaxation in Africa. Surrounding the resort is a lake and mountain (national park), which can be a good choice for many nature exploration trips. Therefore, Pumulani is not only an ideal place for the elderly, but also a quiet place for the young and the family.

  1. Table Rock Lake Resort: Big Cedar Lodge (USA)

Big Cedar được coi là khu nghỉ dưỡng mang vẻ đẹp mộc mạc và cổ điển.
Big Cedar is considered as a resort of rustic and classic beauty.

This beautiful resort is considered a paradise of nature and elegance, modern in the beautiful and majestic Ozark Mountains. Built in 1921, the Big Cedar is considered a rustic and classic resort.

The rustic bungalows among the rows of trees create comfort, tranquility for space. The hilltop mansions have beautiful views of Table Rock. Services of the Big Cedar are extremely classy: fishing, gold fishing, horse riding, …

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  1. Lake Wakatipu Resort: Matakauri Lodge (New Zealand)

Matakauri Lodge có view ra hồ Wakatipu và dãy Remarkables.
Matakauri Lodge overlooks The Wakatipu Lake and the Remarkables.

This resort offers not only luxurious suites, but also an entire family villa area, ensuring privacy for guests. Each villa has its own terrace, not hidden and has a beautiful view, widen.

Services at Matakauri are also full with spa, infinity pool, fitness center, sports, … Culinary service with many delicious international dishes is also one of the advantages of this place.

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