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6 ways to decorate the Hotel Honeymoon bed for couples

Hotel room staff must not only have fast and clean cleaning skills but also have to know room decoration, beds and themed rooms. In addition to decorating seasonal beds, themed, when having guests booking couples’ rooms, honeymoon, etc., room staff must have appropriate bedding styles.

Decorate Honeymoon hotel beds with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are indispensable things when decorating honeymoon bed hotels. Particularly for bed decoration for couples, the most suitable flower type is rose. Besides, it is also possible to use orchids or carnations, …

When decorating hotel beds with flowers, hoteliers often separate each wing and arrange their own ideas (heart shape, shape, vertical, diagonal, …). There are also flower baskets that are beautifully placed at the headboard, bedside cabinets.


  • Since flowers are placed directly on the bed sheet must carefully, prevent the bed sheet from being stained by flowers.
  • Carefully examine each flower, make sure there are no spikes, worms and insects.
Hoa tươi là phụ kiện không thể thiếu khi trang trí giường honeymoon khách sạn
Fresh flowers are indispensable accessories when decorating honeymoon bed hotels

Decorate a honeymoon bed with balloons

Balloons are also one of the unique decorations when decorating beds. The use of balloons to decorate hotel rooms was quite popular with many types of balloons: letter-printed balloons, heart-shaped balloons, printed balloons …

Although each decorator’s intention is to put the ball into individual clusters or fruits. However, when using balloons, do not abuse too much, because the smell of rubber from the ball can be uncomfortable for guests.

Bóng bay là một trong những phụ kiện thường thấy khi trang trí giường honeymoon
Balloons are one of the common accessories when decorating honeymoon beds

Decorating honeymoon by candles

When it comes to romantic and sparkling things, we cannot forget to mention candles. Put a few cups of candles on the bed, a bedside cabinet to make the room more sparkling.

For rooms for couples, aromatherapy candles can be used with a light scent, increasing the room’s atmosphere.

Note: when using candles, ensure safety factors, prevent fire and spill. Only light candles when guests are ready to enter the room.

Nến tạo nên không gian căn phòng honeymoon lãng mạn, mờ ảo
Candles create a romantic, fuzzy honeymoon room space

Honeymoon setup with towels

Bath towels, cotton towels are important decorations when decorating hotel beds. Beds in rooms for couples usually have white swans arranged in 2 or 4 cotton towels.

The shape and style of the swan depends on the idea and skill of the worker. However, to shape a swan not collapsed, must use hotel towels, cotton towels, quality hotels towels.

Folded the hotel towel often combined with fresh flowers so that the product is beautiful and outstanding.

Từ khăn bông, những housekeeping khéo tay sẽ tạo ra nhiều hình trang trí đẹp mắt
From cotton towels, the housekeeping will make many beautiful decorative items

Using bed runner and pillows to decorate hotel beds

Bed runner and pillows are available in every hotel room. It is no coincidence that these 2 items are equipped on each bed. Making good use of these 2 objects will help the bed more beautiful and outstanding.

In ordinary hotels, decorative panels and decorative pillows are often made of reddish brown, luxurious copper gold. However, at Boutique hotels , bed decorations are designed extremely unique and eye-catching.

When decorating a honeymoon bed with a bed runners , you can arrange as a fan or a beautiful heart shape. It is also possible to combine them with candles and flowers for highlights.

Nếu biết cách sủ dụng khéo léo, tấm trang trí cùng gỗ trang trí cũng là những điểm nhấn ấn tượng trên giường honeymoon
If you know how to use skillfully, bed runners with decorative wood are also impressive highlights on the honeymoon bed

Some other items to decorate hotel rooms

Besides flowers, cotton towels, candles, … when decorating the beds and rooms for couples, we can also use a lot of other things: night lights, ribbons, essential oil lamp, lilac, wine , … 
Nightlight : night light creates a fuzzy space. Meticulously designed night lamps are also one of the highlights of the room.

Alcohol: Referring to romance, alcohol is indispensable. A bottle of wine placed in an ice bucket with a few rose petals is a great choice.

Burn oil lamps : Star Solutions has the oil lamp pattern is designed specifically for the honeymoon room. Essential oil lamp has light and scent, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Some decoration for other couples:

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