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Choosing hotel razors suitable for European travelers

What is the best hotel razor for European? The address offers razor blades suitable for all objects in Vietnam

Simplification of entry procedures for foreign visitors and visa exemption policy has helped Vietnam to increase the number of visitors from Western countries. To accommodate this object, many hotels have invested quite thoroughly for the hotel amenities. Choosing  a hotel razor suitable  for European travelers is extremely important.

In this article, Star Solutions  will advise you on how to choose the right razor for this customer. With our suggestions, your hotel will score points in the heart of visitors with the smallest items.

For European men the beard and mustache is a powerful tool for asserting their bravery, masculinity and charm. Therefore, they pay great attention to the care and attention of their beards. Due to some physiological differences that Western beard is characterized by, it is quite thick and hard, so the choice of razor for this object needs to be taken into account.

Lựa chọn dao cạo râu khách sạn phù hợp cho du khách châu Âu
Choosing hotel razors suitable for European travelers

Standard razor blade suitable for European visitors

With a thick European beard, the use of three-blade hotel razors is extremely reasonable. The blade should be made of stainless steel material to ensure the strength and safety, the contact surface of the knife must be wide to give the user the feeling of natural comfort. The blade is not too close to scratch, causing damage to the skin and, at the same time, creating the right shave, even under the nose or on the sides.

Criteria when choosing the razor body for European visitors

Psychological characteristics of Europe when choosing the items they are demanding high quality as well as product design. So, when choosing a hotel razor we need to pay close attention to these two factors.

Razor for European travelers are usually quite delicate and luxurious, so choose monochromatic colors, such as black, brown, yellow,… or you can also design colors. Based on the color tone of the hotel.

In terms of materials, razor should be selected with the body made of high quality plastic. The body is designed with horizontal edges to help anti-slip as well as create a firm grip. The handle of the razor is square or round shape but must be compact and strong.

Tiêu chuẩn khi lựa chọn thân dao cạo cho khách châu Âu
Criteria when choosing the razor body for European visitors

Sanitary standard when choosing a hotel razor to serve European visitors

The requirements on the safety of European tourists are very high. Therefore, when choosing and using razors products must ensure absolute hygiene.

When using a hotel amenities set, we usually design the package for them. Putting razor the inside a plastic bag or paper box is both a sanitation and design, creating a beautiful space for the hotel bathroom.

Tiêu chuẩn vệ sinh khi chọn dao cạo râu khách sạn phục vụ khách Âu
Sanitary standard when choosing a hotel razor to serve Europe visitors

Currently, Star Solutions has a range of razor that ensure all three criteria. The hotel’s razor blades are designed to be extremely flexible in the form of dual-blade or 3-blade stainless steel extremely sharp.

The razor models on the market, we always emphasize the quality factor as well as the design with the razor. It is quite meticulous and elegant with many modern designs, subtle colors, such as CR 01, CR 06, CR 12, … These are all products that are highly appreciated and selected by many investors when coming to Star Solutions.

You can visit the  Star Solutions Hotel‘s amenities section for more information and products. Or contact to for advice and order products.


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