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Choosing nylon packaging or paper box packaging for hotel amenities

Should  we choose hotel amenities packaged in nylon packaging or paper box packaging? What kind of packaging is good, cheaper. Pros and cons of each type like?

The first time buying hotel amenities there are many hoteliers do not know whether to choose plastic packaging or paper box packaging for hotel amenities. Two kinds of materials with different prices, advantages and disadvantages that many hoteliers confuse and do not know what kind of packagings are appropriate. So let’s go to Star Solutions to learn about the choice of plastic packaging or paper box packaging for this hotel amenities kit!

Choosing nylon packaging or paper box packaging for hotel amenities

Hotel amenities packaging by nylon

Nylon packaging products of the hotel are usually made of special nylon material that we still often see in the candies products, plastic bags, food containers. Nilon is a very durable plastic with thin, lightweight and convenient features. We can see them appearing and being used a lot in everyday life.

Advantages of nylon packaging

The advantage of using plastic packaging for hotel amenities is to preserve core details such as hotel toothbrushes , razors , combs  well. Their excellent water and moisture resistance make them an excellent material for preserving hotel amenities in bathrooms.

Each of the hotel’s amenities are arrange nexto lavabo, sink in the hotel bathroom. Therefore, if you wash your hands, wash your face, or bathe in a hotel restroom, it is possible that the water will wet your amenities. However, the hotel amenities are surrounded by a four-sided closed plastic sheet that can keep it safe and does not wet the inside.

Not only that, the hotel amenities are packed in plastic bags will store longer in storage, avoid moisture mold, is suitable for hotels in the climate of high humidity as in Vietnam.

Không những thế, những sản phẩm amenities khách sạn được đóng trong bao bì nilon sẽ để lưu trữ được lâu hơn trong kho, tránh được ẩm mốc, rất phù hợp cho những khách sạn tại những vùng khí hậu có độ ẩm cao như ở Việt Nam.

Advantages of nylon packaging

Plastic bags for consumable items at Star Solutions

At Star Solutions, the packaging of the hotel amenities is usually printed logo and basic information about the hotel. Usually, the information will include: product name in English and Vietnamese, logo and hotel name.

The nylon packaging at Star Solutions is also available in a variety of sizes: thick, thin, tough, glossy. In addition, you can use emulsion printing, color printing on the packaging as required with very eye-catching and luxurious form.

Because they are so different, so with each kind of plastic packaging will cost different from about 450 to 800 dong per component.

Paper box amenities packaging

The hotel amenities box is usually made of C250 or C300 paper. This is the type of paper commonly used in printing product packaging, catalog, name card, … Some places to save money and reduce the cost can use paper C200, C210 or C230. However, to ensure the strength of the box and protect the hotel amenities, we should use paper material C250 or C300.

Paper box amenities packaging

Advantages of paper box packaging

The advantage of using paper box packaging when setting up the hotel amenities is the ability to print prominent and beautiful color. In addition, box packaging gives a feeling of luxury and sturdiness than plastic bags.

The layout, arrangement of amenities in the tray in the hotel bathroom is also neat and tidy with a lot of square nilon packaging. Therefore, this type of box packaging is usually used by 3 stars hotel or more, they are very popular and frequently used.

Much of the hotel’s amenities are not so sophisticated. Luxury hotels are often used to simple hotel amenities packaging. The basic details are just the logo, hotel name and product name.

Paper box amenities packaging are usually designed with simple design

 Disadvantages of paper box packaging

The hotel’s amenities are made of paper that usually occupies a large area of ​​the hotel’s warehouse. Moreover, in the process of transportation if not careful also very susceptible to distortion affecting the quality of products.

A set of hotel amenities with paper can not stay in storage for too long. Wrap them in plastic bags and seal them to prevent moisture  when storing in storage.

Choose nylon packaging or paper box packaging for hotel amenities?

Both plastic packaging and paper box packaging are the most use in today’s hotels. With the advantages and disadvantages as well as depending on the climate and customers of the hotel that you can choose the type of packaging suitable for the hotel.

Through years of manufacturing experience, printing hotel amenities packaging for many partners, we understand that a hotel amenities set are not only beautiful, but also convenient and suitable for each customer. Therefore, customers who come to Star Solutions will be consulted in detail.

The benefits of choosing hotel amenities packaging at Star Solutions

  • The packaging products of the hotel amenities with many models and prices for customers to choose.
  • Constantly updating the trend of packaging design around the world
  • Advanced printing technology for clear packaging, avoid color fading, no difference in between products.
  • Carry-in place and customer support warehouse with customers in the Hanoi area.
  • Care, lifetime warranty with the products that we provide.
  • Fast delivery time, simple procedure.


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