Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for Chinese travelers

Select the hotel amenities to suit the Chinese guests must be based on what criteria? Why choose the right consumable products for the Chinese?

In recent years, the number of Chinese tourists to Vietnam is increasing, their needs are not only in finding friends but also to travel. Understanding the characteristics of Chinese customers help us serve customers better and expand the market. Choosing the right hotel amenities  for them is also an extremely important issue. This is a potential source of tourism in general and the hotel business in particular.

Psychological characteristics of Chinese tourists

Highlights in the tourist psychology of the Chinese, it is not too picky in choosing where to stay and when traveling. They usually do not need in high-end hotels like 4-star or 5-star hotels. They mainly stay in hotels from 1 star to 3 stars. Therefore, when choosing a disposable hotel products, does not need to equip a set of hotel amenities with too much detail. However, there must be sufficient details to ensure that the essential personal needs of the user are met.

Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for Chinese travelers

 In addition, Chinese tourists come to Vietnam for the purpose of trade, visiting relatives; A few are visiting places. Traditionally, they usually follow the group, according to the package tour of the Chinese travel companies.

For Chinese merchants, they often go to market to research, surveys, select traders and investment partners, so they usually choose the Bussiness Tour program from 7 to 15 days and travel all 3 North. – Central – South.

Selection criteria for appropriate hotel amenities for Chinese travelers

In order to have a set of amenities suitable for Chinese business travelers, it is necessary to choose products that are luxurious, sophisticated, convenient, modern and classic with deep, warm tones, creating a pleasant harmony.

On the contrary, for those who travel with the meaning of travel to visit the resort, it is usual to choose hotels amenities with simple design, high usefulness, friendly, safe with users.

In terms of finances, their ability to pay is not as high as other countries such as Japan, Korea, … Therefore, they choose the services of medium or good rating as their pocket: Choose good products with “popular” price but still have to ensure quality. Traveling with them is also a chance to shop. So, the souvenir of the hotel should have the traditional products, with local characteristics.

Each country has its own psychological characteristics. You need to understand and grasp it to enhance the quality of service is better. Each of the hotel amenities sets out to show the attention, thoughtfulness and level of service for your hotel.

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