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Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for European travelers

Europeans make up 15% of international visitors to Vietnam each year. As the result,choosing hotel amenities suitable for European travelers is extremely important

In order to choose the hotel amenities that are suitable for European travelers, giving them the comfort and satisfaction of your hotel, we need to understand their customs and psychological characteristics.

Vietnam is in the process of international economic integration, attracting not only foreign investment but also attracting a large number of tourists. Many tourists choose Vietnam as a new destination for exploring, especially European tourists. Therefore, the hotel business is also developing accordingly. The hotel amenities also so constantly changing to meet, satisfy the needs and tastes of customers, especially the hard market as the European.

Psychological characteristics of European tourists

Asians value traditional values, attach importance to their emotions, their families, and in particular they are always shy, discreet, self-contained. Europeans are quite the opposite, they are open, vibrant, talkative and very liberal. Unlike Asians, they do not put on emotional problems that they are always consider the right thing rather than emotion with a high sense of law.

Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for European travelers

When traveling, if Asian people like to travel together with relax, Europeans have opposite interests completely. They have psychological close to nature, want to conquer and control it. In communication, they behave politely, highly educated and very understanding.

Europe is known for its industrial development since the late seventeenth century and has undergone two major industrial revolution, so they are affected and have a lifestyle a long with industrial style with rhythm,  save time.

When traveling, they love to learn about regional culture, prefering local specialties and especially prefer traditional, specialty products as gifts. Moreover, in European countries where tourism is very developed, they are very interested in tourism and they travel on a regular basis. They are very knowledgeable about the tourism culture, so the requirements for quality and tourism products must be good.

Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for European travelers

Choosing the hotel amenities appropriate for European travelers

Understanding the outstanding psychological features of European travelers, we offer you the choice of the hotel amenities that are appropriate, economical and satisfying.

In terms of quality, Europeans have a high demand for quality products, so choose high quality, reputable, branded products on the market, user-friendly  and not irritate the skin.

For price, should choose products with reasonable price or “popular”. The general feeling of Europeans is that they like cheap products but still have good quality.

About the design, the design needs to be subtle, careful, meticulous, but not too sophisticated style. Europeans like the design of both classic and modern, elegant color.

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