Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Choosing the toothbrush suitable for each customer

How to choose the right toothbrush for each customer? Standard toothbrush selection suitable for Asian, European, American, …

Toothbrushes suitable for Asian customers

For Asian visitors, we can get Japanese, Korean and Chinese guests as representative. To choose the right toothbrush model , Star Solutions offers three suggestions:

BC03 toothbrush

For Asian customers, they prefer hotel equipment that is designed closely to household items. Therefore, Star Solutions launched the BC 03 brush model  with the same design as the personal brushes at home. When see this brush, customers will feel friendly, close, warm as in their own home.

This is a plus point for your hotel in the heart of visitors. What is the better way to get positive feedback about your hotel with the travel companies they booked tours or on prestigious booking sites. Make sure your customers come to your hotel and bring in more potential customers.

One of our loyal customers always trust and select the BC 03 brush is The Grace Hotel with 100% Korean capital with mainly Korean visitors . Another is 123 Hotel , they also choose BC 03 toothbrush.

In order to increase the usability and customer friendliness, when they set up, they chose the BC 03 toothbrush with 2 colors red – blue to distinguish male and female customers. This shows the professional level of the hotel.

Lựa chọn bàn chải đánh răng phù hợp với từng đối tượng khách hàng
Choosing the right toothbrush for each customer

Hotel toothbrush BC13

However , for Japanese customers, they prefer toothbrush models with small brush heads. To serve this group of customers, we bring the the toothbrush  BC 13 . This type of brush is designed with a long, graduated toothbrush head according to the hotel toothbrush selection criteria provided by the dentist.

Single disposable brush BC07

In addition, we offer another option is the toothbrush BC 07  made of high-grade plastic. This material is light, beautiful and quite luxurious. BC 07 is sophisticated, simple but delicate body creating the comfortable feel, very firm when using.

When you set up this brush in the hotel bathroom, it will create luxury and class. This is also a sample toothbrush used by Japanese hotels. Some of our partner hotels are using BC 07 brushes is Sakura Hanoi hotel – a hotel with investment from Japan.

Mẫu bàn chải dùng một lần BC07
BC07 disposable toothbrush

For European customers

If Asians prefer intimate designs, Europeans prefer elegant, simple yet sophisticated designs. With that in mind, we launched the BC 68  with a beautifully and attractive design.

BC 68 is made from high-tech plastic HDPE, not harmful to users with dark brown coffee. With this color tone, hotel owners can easily harmonize colors with the space and interior of their hotel rooms. This is the “best selling toothbrush currently and received a lot of positive feedback from customers as well as from the owners.

Some of our partners specializing in serving the majority of European customers have continued to believe in the choice of these brushes such as Aira Sapa Hotel, Aira Hanoi, Luxury Hotel, … They give comment saying “this is the appropriate form for toothbrush their customers.”

Mẫu bàn chải đánh răng phù hợp với khách châu Âu
The toothbrush model is suitable for European guests


In the current integration period, hotels are growing rapidly, so the competition between hotels is increasing. If you do not improve the quality of service, it will likely lose a large number of potential customers.

What if just because of the lack of professional preparation, the selection of brushes are not suitable to serve their customers, losing the reputation and brand of the hotel? When they leave your hotel, they will respond to those with travel companies or simply leave feedback on the booking page , booking, traveloka,  …

Hope with this share, you will select the toothbrush  to suit your customers. Star Solutions  always provide you with good quality toothbrushes, at very competitive prices. We also offer price support and warehousing support services to our partners in the most attentive manner.

Please contact us for advice and order. Hotline 094.76.11111 – 043.66.11111

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