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Dalat: Hotel staff attack guests by electric whip

Hotel staff attack guest: staff of Vu Hiep hotel – Da Lat used electric whip to attack guests, chasing guests out of the hotel in the middle of the night.

Hotel staff attacked visitor by electric whip?

On the morning of February 22nd, the authorities came to work with the hotel owner of Vu Hiep (Ward 9, Da Lat, Lam Dong) to clarify the matter. Speaking of hotel information attacking visitor, hotel management confirmed the incident was a misunderstanding. Absolutely no hotel attacked guests with electric whip or electric gun as the information the social network has reflected.

“That night, the hotel staff got a black battery flashlight and turned on the flash, not the electric gun. Moreover, the hotel staff do not clashed with the visitor, it was the vistor argued with other . ” Hotel Management Vu Hiep, said.

On February 24, the authorities of Da Lat City, Lam Dong province informed about the incident. According to Le Van Thai – Chief of Police of Ward 9, Da Lat City – said:

“Immediately after the incident, Ward 9 police dispatched staff to resolve the incident at 11pm the same day. Based on the information received directly at the scene, it can be confirmed that Vu Hiep hotel staff clashed with the family of Le Van Truong, the booking introducer, not with the guests.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nam, representative of Vu Hiep Hotel and Le Van Thanh’s father, Le Van Truong’s father, signed the agreement soon after. Both parties receive their own faults, pledging themselves to agree, reconcile .

Apologies from the hotel management

Ms Nguyen Thi Nam – Hotel Management of Vu Hiep Hotel has apologized to tourists who have been “invited” to remove on the night of 18/2, according to information from the Department of Culture and Information of Da Lat City, 2 (3rd Lunar New Year). Due to the lack of communication with the visitors, the management wanted the hotel through the Department of Culture and Information of Da Lat and the press agencies apologize to them.

Due to new business, no experience in civilization behavior as well as attitude to serve tourists and the desire to meet with visitors to apologize . ” – Reason given by Ms. Nam in the letter of apology.

At the same time, in relation to the case, the Department of Culture and Information of Da Lat city said that the agency is proposing to punish hotel owner Vu Hiep 9 million for the following acts: Do not declare the price of tourist accommodation within the time limit as requested in writing by a competent state agency; Failure to provide notice of stay with the police office as prescribed.

According to the press release before, on the social network appeared a clip about 10 minutes about the discussion between the group of guests with the hotel Vu Hiep – Da Lat. During a conflict, the hotel occupants used a discharged object to attack the guest.

The narrative of the “victim” of the “hotel attack”

According to TMN, he booked two rooms at the Vu Hiep Hotel, with room rates of 500,000 VND / room / night through Le Van Truong.

On 18/2 (3rd of Lunar New Year), Mr. N’s family went to Da Lat and came to the hotel to check in. After completing check-in and check-in, he and his family visit Da Lat. About 11pm arrived at the hotel, at which hotel staff said room broke the nozzle water toilet, the water flowed out and forced him to compensate furniture in the room.

The image is cut from the video

Mr. N and everyone in the family disagreed and asked the hotel to check the camera to see if anyone came in when they went out or not, but the hotel staff did not agree. “Then there was a big quarrel, people of the hotel” chased “my family to the street and closed the gate, the deposit of 1 million is not returned,” – N. urgent said.

More serious than Mr. N also confirmed that a person in the hotel used electric discharge (electric whip) to attack tourists when the two sides of the dispute.

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