Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

How to decorate beautiful hotel Christmas trees during the Christmas season

When Christmas comes, every hotel must be prepared with a brilliantly decorated Christmas tree – the focal point of the hotel during the holiday season. How to decorate the Christmas tree for a beautiful hotel? Displaying any decorations to suit each position is a wonder of many hotel staff.

Prepare Christmas tree decorations tools

Prepare Christmas trees

Every Christmas season, the hotel not only uses one Christmas tree, instead to make the Christmas atmosphere spread everywhere, every area with hotel guests can see it. present this. Therefore, when decorating the Christmas hotel, it is necessary to prepare a variety of Christmas trees of different sizes: a large one outside the lobby; trees just set in restaurants, hallways; small type to place on the dining table, rest room, cupboard, …

Christmas tree is often a fake tree, looks like a real one. This fake tree is durable, can be used for many years. There is also a place to use real trees, however, it requires careful care to prevent the tree from wilting and dying. In addition to pine trees, some other plants can also be used or just modeled Christmas trees and decorations. Christmas trees are made of other materials: paper, plastic pieces or stuffed animals, cloth, … very easy to impress people.

Trang trí cây thông noel khách sạn thế nào cho đẹp và ấn tượng
How to decorate beautiful and impressive hotel Christmas tree   

Prepare Christmas tree tools

Beside the main Christmas trees, the hotel also needs a lot of other things:

  • Metallic wire and ribbon
  • Flash, reflective star
  • Gift boxes, deer, reindeer, Santa Claus
  • Wreaths, bells, cards, socks, balls
  • Cotton, fence, snow flower

Currently, with the creativity of people, there are quite a lot of different decorations. Each type is extremely eye-catching design. Therefore, when decorating, we can have a lot of options. Depending on the size and location of Christmas trees, there are different options.

Lựa chọn các loại vật trang trí cây thông phù hợp
Select the appropriate tree decorations

Decorate Christmas trees in the lobby and outside the hotel

Hotels with large doors, a large Christmas tree will be located in front of the hotel. However, usually, due to limited area, hotels often put Christmas trees right in the hotel lobby.

The lobby and the entrance is a spacious space, the face of the hotel. Therefore, Christmas trees in this area must be meticulously decorated. Usually, the Christmas tree here will be the large one.

The Christmas tree cannot lack of flashing lights, gift boxes, balls, stars, etc. Under the foot of the tree, there will have decorative fences or stainless steel pillars surrounding it to avoid collision.

Note: the lobby is a place with a lot of passersby. Therefore, careful consideration must be given to designing power lines. The wiring and socket must ensure safety, not to affect the space aesthetics.

Lựa chọn những cây thông lớn, được trang trí nổi bật để đặt tại sảnh khách sạn
Choose large, well-decorated Christmas trees to place in the hotel lobby

Some impressive decorations in the lobby hall:

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In the restaurant, the hotel lobby is usually decorated with medium-sized Christmas trees. Christmas tree size must be selected accordingly, ensuring not too small, nor cramped.

In the restaurant, the tree can be placed at a prominent corner, where everyone can see it. It is also possible to use multiple trees between tables. Christmas trees in restaurants and hallways are often neatly placed in pots to save space.

Decoration items with pine trees in these locations are often more limited than Christmas trees in the lobby. Because of the size of the tree and the small space, too many decorations will be disruptive.

Some Christmas tree decorations at the restaurant:

Decorate the small Christmas tree in the table

Currently, in addition to large Christmas trees, there are many small pine trees. Restaurants and hotels are often used to place on dining tables or bedside cabinets to increase the air.

Small Christmas tree is usually attached with ornament. Therefore, there is no need to decorate too much.

Những nơi có không gian nhỏ, nên chọn loại cây thông để bàn loại nhỏ
Small space is recommended to choose a small type of Christmas tree

Some beautiful Christmas tree decorations:

Cây thông Noel đặt tại nhà hàng có kích thước vừa phải

Some notes when decorating the hotel Christmas tree

Choosing colors of trees and decorations to suit the style and color of the hotel. White: modern, youthful; dark blue, red: luxurious, …

Christmas tree decoration is often done by the design and event department. Tools are used over many seasons and there are small changes in each season. However, with more hotels demanding higher levels, the Christmas decoration of the hotel will be given to specialized units. At many hotels, guests will be invited to join the Christmas tree decoration.

The decoration of the Christmas tree is increasingly appreciated. Christmas decorations will be displayed from the end of November and early December through the New Year’s calendar. When decorating the Christmas tree of the hotel, people not only pay attention to the problem of beauty or bad but also pay attention to feng shui: put the tree in any corner, the main color, size … are meticulously calculated. Hoteliers should pay attention to this issue.

Some unique Christmas tree decorations:

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