Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Discover special things inside the most luxurious hotels in the world

The luxury suite system with lavish interiors, unique services and sky-high prices offer guests a one of a kind experience. 

1. Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Manhattan, New York, USA)

Topping the list of the world’s most luxurious hotels is Mandarin Oriental. Coming to the Mandarin Oriental you will not need to worry about your wardrobe if booking Suite 5000 on the 50th floor of this hotel. As soon as the check-in process is complete, guests will be able to use a “branded” wardrobe that includes costumes from the latest collection by Christian Dior. Besides, Christian Dior’s own designers, stylists and makeup artists are always ready to serve you.

The room is decorated with splendid Italian furniture, plus a large collection of large paintings by Whitewall – the prestigious American art magazine preserved. Customers can use the ipad that is available in the room to order these pictures.

In addition, each room is equipped with a variety of entertainment facilities such as theatrical, 75-inch TVs and a collection of discs. Luxurious and marble bathrooms, Art Deco style bath tubs, help guests relax under Swarovski crystal lights.

Price: $ 27,500 / night ~ over 625 million / night.

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2. Plaza Athenee Hotel (France)

Plaza Athenee Hotel has ideal views of the Eiffel Tower. With an area of ​​450 square meters, the Plaza Athenee’s Royal Suite is the largest of its kind in the capital.

Suite includes: 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms, study room and kitchen. The entire interior of the room dates back to Louis XV and Louis XVI. The bathroom is decorated with Italian marble, with modern saunas and a jacuzzi.

For enhanced security, the hotel’s suite is equipped with a fingerprint identification system instead of a card. In particular, the room is equipped with 9 TV screens are hidden inside the mirror.

Upon check in, guests will receive a free Krug champagne bottle and a selection of premium pillows such as horse pillows, artificial cotton pillows, …

Price: 24,600 USD / night ~ over 560 million

3. President Wilson Hotel (Switzerland)

When it comes to hotels with the world’s most expensive suites, the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland – the most expensive city in the world – can not fail to mention .

The Royal Penthouse Suite occupies the entire 8th floor of the hotel. Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of the Alps through the ultra-modern bulletproof system.

Dubbed the ideal stopover for high-end politicians, the suite of the President Wilson Hotel is also equipped with shelters and reinforced steel doors.

The rooms are designed in various forms of entertainment such as pool table, Gym room or flat screen TV Bang & Olufsen largest in the world with 100 inches. In addition, the room also contains the Steinway piano.

The bathroom is marble-plated. All bathroom decorations come from the Hermes brand.

Price: 85,250 USD / night ~ nearly 2 billion VND / night

4. Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece)

Welcoming celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Mel Gibson, … Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi is an ideal destination for the super-rich when coming to Athens.

The unique experience that guests experience here is not only luxurious and classy service, but also great entertainment services. In particular, every visitor arriving here will have a personal fitness trainer upon completion of the check-in procedure. Besides, there is a butler who is always ready to serve all the time.

Not only that, there is always a driver, ready to go to the shuttle service when you need to go out. You can also call the pianist to play any song you like. With a team of professional musicians, they can meet any of your requirements.

Guests can choose their own indoor swimming pool, outdoor heated pool, sauna in the hotel.

Price: 49,115 USD ~ nearly 1.15 billion VND / night

5. Four Seasons Hotel (New York, USA)

Unique architecture, equipped with super-luxurious furnishings and services. Four Seasons is the highest rated hotel in New York City. The room is located on the 400 m2, with 4 super airy balconies, allowing visitors to view panoramic views of Manhattan from four sides.

The only one bedroom is extremely lavishly designed with silk screened with gold thread, Swedish handmade mattress covered with sheepskin, goat and horsehair. Walls in pearls look so luxurious, TVs can receive signals from global broadcast stations and all international calls are free. Four Seasons will provide guests with the comfort of a great experience wherever they are.

Super-comfort bathroom with Chinese agate, 2 crystal-lined tubs, a glass-covered TV and a modern heated bathroom. All towels, bath robes are made from the best cotton fiber, high quality amenities with extremely meticulous selected products.

Guests can also relax in their private spa room, gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment. Pure meditation chambers with waterfalls flow from the ceiling to the floor, providing ideal static space.

Luxurious library with thousands of art books is a place to relax your mind, learn the culture and art of the country, region. When you want to leave, guests can travel by one of three private lifts leading to the ground floor, where the Rolls-Royce and the private driver are waiting.

Price: 48,125 USD / night ~ nearly 1.1 billion VND / night.

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