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Discovery made a 24-minute movie to promote Vietnam

The movie “Connecting Dreams” of up to 24 minutes is being performed by the Discovery Channel. The movie is scheduled to air at the end of this year – 12/2018.

The movie “Connecting dreams”

This is a documentary film made free by Discovery to promote the image of Vietnam .. The film content about the Vietnamese people bring modern technology to the poor and backward regions of Africa: Mozambique, Peru, Tahiti, …

Những cảnh quay của "Connecting dreams" tại châu Phi đã được hoàn tất
The footage of “Connecting dreams” in Africa has been completed

The film’s production began in late 2017 with footage taken in various locations in Africa as well as Vietnam. Scenes in Africa and many locations in Vietnam have been completed. Recently, the film crews are doing the shoots in Hanoi.

The movie is scheduled to air at the end of the year – December 12, 2018 on Discovery Asia – Pacific and Discovery Africa. This is a great opportunity to promote the image of the Vietnamese people in the world. The tourism industry in Vietnam will surely have a new development, attracting more foreign visitors after the film is broadcast.

Member of the crew

Hà Nội là điểm đến không thể thiếu trong bộ phim quảng bá Việt Nam của Discovery
Hanoi is a must-go destination in the Discovery Vietnam movie

“Connecting the Dreams” consists of seven people, most notably director Jodan Nguyen, producer Ha Shu-Yun and creative director Vikram Channa. These are people who have many years of documentary experience and have had many projects in Vietnam.

Director Jordan Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Australian director, so he has a good understanding of the country and people of Vietnam and can produce beautiful, perfect footage. Creative Director Vikram Channa has a lot of experience in documentary film production in Vietnam. He came to Vietnam to produce four films in Discovery’s documentary series on Vietnam. These are: Mr.Long Traveling Cinema, Jam Buster, Digging up the dead, City of a thousand years old year).

Discovery and promoting Vietnam image movie

Cầu Vàng - Đà Nẵng là điểm du lịch xuất hiện nhiều trên các phương tiện truyền thông nước ngoài trong thời gian qua
Golden Bridge – Da Nang is a tourist destination appearing on many foreign media in recent years

Connecting dreams is not Discovery’s first film about Vietnam. In the period 2009-2010 this television channel has made a lot of documentary films about Vietnam, in which there are 4 series of documentary films mentioned above. After the broadcast, these films received a warm welcome from the audience. Vietnam is also known by more international visitors.

Our country has a lot of potential for tourism development both in nature and culture. However, these tourist potentials are not widely known. In order to develop Vietnam’s tourism industry, in addition to developing its infrastructure and services, it is necessary to further promote the image of the country to the world. The development of tourism in Quang Binh, Phu Quoc, Da Nang … in recent times is a clear evidence of the importance of promoting images on the international media. It is hoped that the Vietnamese film “Connecting Dreams” will help Vietnam’s tourism industry to develop brighter.

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