Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Find the right place for the bin in your hotel

What kind of bin in the hotel? Place the hotel bin in the most suitable locations. Choose the best bin at Star Solutions

When building hotels, investors are keen to build a luxurious and classy hotel space. Therefore, they always ask the extremely strict requirements of the aesthetics as well as the quality of each detail when choosing hotel supplies . Not only the typical details, but also the selection and design of the bins in the hotel should be noted.

Where are the bin often located in the hotel? And what kind of bin can you choose to fit that location? These are questions asked by many customers when they come to Star Solution. With this article, we will give you some helpful hints, help you choose the right kind of products as well as the location for them.

Tìm vị trí thích hợp cho những chiếc thùng rác trong khách sạn của bạn
Find the right place for the bin in your hotel

The hotel lobby is a regular area and has many commuters, is the “public” area and can be considered as the “face” of the hotel. Therefore, the selection and design of the bin in the hotel in this area requires quite high.

The bin with shiny stainless steel will be the right choice for the common hall. This bin can has a simple, practical style but still highlights the luxury and class of common space.

In terms of style, choose the type of container in the hotel with cap or lid can move flexible for the disposal of waste as well as treatment. And it would be better if they have bin with ashtray on top.

Stylish granite bins with aesthetics are also a perfect choice for hotels of 3 stars or more. The hallway will become more classier than the garbage can in this hotel.

One thing to note for you, as this is a common space, the need to use trash is quite a lot, so design bin  hotel lobby in places that are easy to see and use, but not too exposed, it will spoil the beauty of space here. The corner of the center wall of the lobby is the best choice.

Đặt thùng rác tại khu vực sảnh khách sạn
Placing bin in the lobby area

Placing bin in waiting area for elevator and corridor

Not only in the hotel but in many large mall centers or modern office buildings are equipped with bin in the waiting area for elevators and corridors. Not only contribute to maintaining hygiene, the garbage samples in this area also have impressive decorative effect.

The marble rubbish bins are the bin in the lobby, the most popular hotel bin for waiting room. This bundle combines shiny stainless steel and polished marble to create a perfect product.

Depending on the space design of the hotel you can choose the right model, because this model can design many different designs and colors. Using this garbage can help bring elegance, courtesy as well as create aesthetic. Granite bastards are considered the most popular choice for this area of ​​the hotel.

Đặt thùng rác trong khách sạn tại khu vục chờ thang máy và hành lang
Placing bin in waiting area for elevator and corridor

Placing bin in hotel bedroom

Bedroom space is often very limited compared to the lobby area or corridor by the other appliances and hotel equipment. Moreover, in the bedroom area, the garbage in the hotel is used quite a few. However, this is indispensable in any hotel bedroom.

A garbage can seem like “no reward, no fines” in the hotel bedroom but is a factor guaranteeing the criteria and criteria for service rating, your hotel class.

A compact bin in a hotel room , stainless steel or electrically painted steel and an outer layer of suede, with rich textures and lines, also contribute to the perfect bedroom.

Đặt thùng rác tại phòng ngủ khách sạn
Placing bin in hotel bedroom

Perhaps after reading this article, people may find that choosing and locating the garbage in your hotel is not difficult. Today, at Star Solutions, there is a collection of hotel bin with a variety of designs, materials and shapes, ready to provide the most suitable and requested samples for your hotel. Please contact us for advice and order now: Hotline: 094.76.11111

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