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Five reasons to use hotel liquid container

Using hotel liquid container is a emerging trend that is being used by many hotels to replace one-time shampoo, shower gel bottles.

Using hotel solution container can help protect the environment

Normally, disposable shampoo, shower gel bottles have a capacity of 30-40ml. This amount of shower gel can not be used one time. As a result,  the leftover  liquid will be discharged into the environment causing water pollution. If we use the liquid containers  in the hotel, this situation will be reduced significantly.

Large capacity hotel liquid container will be used for a long time, reducing the amount of chemical products release to the environment every day. As a result, currently, large hotels, especially environmentally-friendly hotels and resorts, have increasingly preferred the use of liquid containers and shower hoses.

Containers can prevent wastage, save money for the hotel

As noted above, the amount of liquid in the disposable shampoo and shower gel bottles of the hotel is usually quite large. This wastes a large amount of liquid each day. When using the liquid bottle in the hotel, the amount of liquid is taken just enough. Thus, the hotel can save a lot of money. Especially during day-off,  holidays – when there is an increasing in the number of tourist.

At the same time, containing shampoo, shower gel in the bottles, we can save money on the purchase of disposable bottles.

Using  liquid container bottle in the hotel is more convenient for customers

Using liquid container bottle in the hotel is more convenient for customers

When the hotel uses liquid containers, the visitors can save time getting the shampoo from the outside tube as well as opening the lid, especially at hotels  equipped with separate glass shower rooms. Just a simple click, visitors are able to get the required amount of liquid, no drop or slippery. A lot of tourists have expressed that they prefer larger size containers. Because they are more convenient and save more time.

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Enhancing hotel level by using liquid containers

Types of hotel hotel liquid containers are increasingly and diverse in style,  materials. There is no shortage of luxury products, modern, make the bathroom become more class.

Wall-mounted containers with many functions: anti-rust, Infrared Automatic Induction, … There is no need to press to get soap, just give the hand, the solution itself will drop into user hand. It is fast, saving and hygienic.

Liquid containers  have a variety of faucets with imitation stone, imitation wood … These products are clever, extremely eye-catching with materials: resin, ceramic, plastic …. Many 3-5 star hotels use synchronized products such as soap tray , cup, brush holder, shampoo, shower gel and material, color design. This will be the most eye-catching spot in the bathroom.

The use of hotel containers is increasingly being expanded in hotels. This is not only a trend in Vietnam but also in many parts of the world.

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