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Full list of details in hotel amenities set

Amenities or consumable items, disposable hotel supplies are free in the hotel. What are the full range of hotel amenities included?

A hotel’s amenities suite consists of more than 20 pieces divided into two parts which are bathroom consumables and amenities used in the bedroom.

A full range of hotel amenities

Consumables used in the bathroom

Consumables used in the bathroom are mainly personal hygiene items such as:

In addition, some hotels also use more details such as: Cleansers, bath salts, mouthwash, shaving tongue, … according to the needs of customers. In the past, there were not too many hotels that were interested in using   good quality hotels . But now, to ensure the best service for its customers, hotels are always trying to provide a complete set of hotel amenities, while improving the design and quality of hotel accommodation. The trend and always make customers happy when choosing to stay at the hotel.

The cost of the hotel,  though, is pretty much the same, but not all hotels need to have all the details that depending on the hotel will need to set the appropriate amenities. Depending on the client as well as the room rental rates, the hotel investor will calculate what details need to be used to avoid spreading, wasting and inappropriate investment.

Moreover, every detail of a  map attrition hotels  on the market today there are many designs and different prices, so you can choose. Therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable for customers who regularly serve the hotel and the need to use reasonable choice.

Consumable items in the hotel bathroom

Utilities for use in rooms

In addition to the  hotel amenities  used in the hotel bathrooms, other amenities in the hotel’s full amenities will also provide guests with an unforgettable experience while staying at the hotel.

In-room amenities include:

  • Coaster
  • Pencil, ball pen
  • Laundry bag
  • Slippers
  • Shoe polish
  • Towel wipe shoes
  • Package, coffee, tea, match, ..

Often, these details are only used in hotels of 3 stars or higher because of the higher customer base and room rental rates are also higher than the low-end hotels. However, if you use them for 1 or 2 star hotels, it is okay, providing more convenience to customers will make customers appreciate your hotel. But it is also important to consider the cost of investment together with the return on investment to be reasonable.

Here we have listed the details and complete the items in a complete set of hotel amenities . Hope it will be useful to you in the course of your hotel business!

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