Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Holiday 30/4: Hotels, motels will receive severely punishment if increasing the price

On the holiday 30/4, all hotels, resorts, motels, … not public the price, “increasing” room price unreasonable will be handled according to regulations

Tourists increases rapidly during the holidays 30/4

This year, the holiday 30/4 – 01/5 lasts up to 4 days, so many people have planned to travel, relaxation. According to the predictions of the tourism company, the next holiday, the number of visitors come to the places to visit will increase. This will be the “bumper” season of tourist accommodation establishments, taking advantage of this opportunity, most establishments will tend to increase room rates.

This is a very familiar fact in our country, at this time in previous years, the majority of tourist accommodation has fallen into the full booked, room prices tend to increase. The main reason is the people rush to travel, rest on holiday. Some facilities occasionally “double the price” to make profits.

The use of accommodation by the peak season of tourism to increase the price of profit sharing is a violation of the law.

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Rất nhiều khách sạn, nhà hàng cháy phòng, tăng giá phòng dịp nghỉ lễ 30/4
A lot of hotels, restaurants full-booked, room rates rise on the holiday 30/4

Regulations on the price of accommodation establishments

According to Clause 2 of Article 53 of the Law on Tourism, 2017 the regulation that organizations and individuals doing business in tourist accommodation services are obliged to post publicly the selling prices of goods and services and internal rules of tourist accommodation establishments. Also in this law, the tourist accommodation establishments now include: Hotel; Tourist villas; Tourist apartments; Tourist accommodation; Residential rooms for rent to tourists; Tourist camping …

According to the Decree 109/2013 / ND-CP (amended and supplemented in Decree No. 49/2016 / ND-CP) , tourist accommodation establishments that do not post publicly fines for administrative violations.

Specifically, in Article 12 of Decree No. 109/2013 / ND-CP , if the establishment does not publicly the  prices in accordance with regulations or list prices in contravention of regulations for customers will be fined from 500,000 to 1 million. In the case of repeated offenses, recidivism, a fine of 1-3 million, …

For acts of selling goods or services at higher prices than the prices set by organizations or individuals, they shall be subject to a fine of 5-10 million dong.

Quy định về việc niêm yết giá phòng các cơ sở lưu trú
Regulations on the price of accommodation establishments

The specific penalty is as follows

A fine of between VND 1 to 5 million for acts of: Raising the selling prices of goods and / or services at prices higher than the prices already declared or registered with the competent State management agencies according to law provisions; Price increase stated in the registration form or price declaration form with the competent State management agency, but the competent State agency shall request in writing the explanation of the price registered or declared or has The written request for suspension shall apply the new price level and re-register and re-rate the price. The fine level will increase depending on the value of the goods or services. The maximum penalty is 60 million dong …

For violations mentioned above, in addition to administrative fines, violating tourist accommodation establishments shall also have to take remedial measures.

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