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Amenities Packaging for CHIC Hotel Group

The packaging of CHIC Hotel Group is made with rectangular or square box shape, giving a solid, angular appearance.

  • Size: Depending on the design of each product
  • Color: According to customer requirements
  • Material: C250 paper
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The minimum product need to order500


Disposable paper packaging in hotel is always expensive and more popular than plastic packaging. So what is the difference?

The first is about design. Most of Chic Hotel Group’s amenities are made in rectangular or square box shape, with the exception of a few unique cubic designs. It is because of the box design that these boxes always bring a strong, angular shape.

With a team of professional designers, Star Solution will bring your hotel with a disposable packaging that is not only sophisticated, but also fits with the core size, creating the highllie in the hotel room space. The design trends are always up to date, so customers are completely assured when choosing the packaging of the Star.

thiết kế vỏ bao bì đồ amenities

Next is the amenities paper packaging material. This diposable box packaging is made from high quality C250 paper. This is a biodegradable material so it is very environmentally friendly, suitable for hotels that have criteria for protecting the natural environment. Because of the paper, these packaging can not be as water resistant as plastic, in exchange for these boxes are well desiccated, so it is rarely damp. In addition, this paper packaging is foldable, so it can be stored in long time storage.

Next is the texture and color of the hotel amenities packaging. C250 paper surface is relatively smooth, so when the pattern, texture or logo of the hotel are printed,  it looks beautiful. The careful in the design and printing remains in the hearts of visitors a strong impression. In addition, the color of the box packaging tone sur tone with the main color of the hotel.

đồ dùng tiêu hao khách sạn

The cost of   disposable packaging design made of paper is not cheap, but if the owners pay a premium for the packaging, the benefits will be double.  Because of the factors such as design, material of the box will make visitors remember the brand of the hotel, this is also a factor to make visitors come back to the hotel.


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