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Amenities packaging for Luxury Hotel

The Amenities packaging of Luxury Hotel is made of  C250 paper. The size of each product is meticulously calculated, not wasted, and create synchronization.

  • Size: Depending on the design of each product
  • Color: According to customer requirements
  • Material: C250 paper
Product code: BB Luxury Categories: ,


The minimum product need to order500


The luxury hotel amenities packaging is one of the hotel facilities that Star Solutions has work. Because this is a leading hotel so the items that the owner chooses must reach the top quality. And among them the packaging of hotel amenities is a proof.

The hotel amenities kit is used to store the details of the amenities, making the consumables items more uniform and professional. This product is made from high quality C250 paper – a kind of paper used to make very good quality box. The characteristics of this paper is high, durability, good hygienic resistance against mold, easy to decompose, very friendly to the environment. The only disadvantage of this material is that they are not as water resistant as the plastic wrap

Bao bì hộp giấy đẹp cho đồ amenities

Next is the design, the hotel amenities packaging are mostly made in rectangular or square box shapes, sometimes with rounded or semicircular box shapes. With square shapes we often see that when they arrange a hotel amenities, it will be professional, create luxury class, expressing the commitment to visitors.

bao bi bo do dung tieu hao khach san

In addition, the color of the box packaging is also deeply concerned by Star Solutions in order  to bring the tone sur tone for the hotel. With a team of professional designers, always catch up with the trend of packaging all over the world will definitely advise and make the best choice for your hotel.

bao bi dau goi sua tam khach san

With Star Solutions, investors are not just buying goods, they are also the story of the core values ​​of working with us. With the idea of ​​always being together with hotels all over the country to raise the level of tourism in Vietnam, we always work to the full. Offering customers the best hotel equipment and the most affordable price to customers, accompanied by the after-sales program with many incentives that only the new Star Solutions can have.


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