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In order to get a nice and eye-catching hotel amenities, you can not ignore to equip for the hotel the specified design amenities packages. The hotel amenities package have a lot of materials but in general, there are about 3 types of packaging used most in hotel furniture. This is the packaging of paper boxes, plastic packaging and environmental protection packaging, also known as cement packaging.

In general, all three types of hotel amenities pakages are favorited by many hotel. However, the hotel’s amenities packaging box are given more choice. Moreover, the use of paper box packaging also makes the arrangement of the sets look more beautiful. Paper box packaging is also usually coated with plastic, so you do not need to worry about accidentally dropping drops of water into the paper box.

Plastic packaging is also an excellent choice that you should consider when selecting packaging for amenities suites. There are several advantages of plastic packaging: they are easier to store because they can be stacked, stored without fear of being distorted, can see the core product inside while looking through the thin plastic layers , water resistant, excellent anti-moisture…

Environmentally friendly paper packaging is also a favorite choice for many hotel owners, especially those in green, rustic and natural style. Environmentally-friendly paper packaging has a rustic apperance, less color than other packaging materials but still has their own attraction to place in the right space. The weak water and moisture resistance is a major weakness of this package.

If you are wondering what kind of hotel amenities package is suitable, please pick up the phone and call directly to Hotline: 0947611111 of Star Solutions for advice and price list of amenities for the hotel quickly and professionally!