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Hotel amenity trays are definitely indispensable items when you set up items for hotel rooms or high-end resorts. It makes the room space neater and more professional.

In Vietnam today, there are many Hotel supplying businesses in all segments and standards. As one of the long-standing brands in the Vietnamese market, Star Solutions is known by many hoteliers as the leading provider of hotel amenities and room supplies in Vietnam. We always try our best to continuously improve our quality and service, bring our customers the best products and solutions.

Hotel amenities tray provided by Star Solutions are mainly used to set up hotel amenities. Depending on the size and design of the suit you can choose the size, design styles vary for the amenities tray that suit the needs of use: tray with cup, tray with drawer or floor trays, …

Because of their unique role, often contact with water, Star Solutions’ bathroom amenities tray are made from premium materials that are waterproof and moldproof, as well as Mica, melamine resin, … In addition, luxury hotels can choose from ceramic, porcelain, bamboo or glass to create the beauty and class of service of the hotel.

If you are looking for suppliers of hotel amenities tray or any hotel room equipment, please pick up and contact Star Solutions at hotline: 0947611111 or CHAT directly with the professional advisor via website. We will answer and respond to your inquiries quickly and promptly.