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BTB 18 Hotel Ballpoint Pens

The 18 BTB hotel ballpoint pen with sophisticated wavy style, makes the pen look unique.

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  • Plastic material
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BTB 18 Ballpoint pen  is a strange ball pen with the button, grip of the pen own luxury silver color.

The BTB 18 have the elegant styled body with wavy metal, makes the pen unique. If left in the dark, the pen will carry a mystery. If out of the light, the pen will shine brightly.

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This product has pen tube that use quality ball pen, to make the ink smooth, evenly, dry quickly. In addition, the tube can be replaced when the ink runs out.

The product can also be printed in the hotel’s logo. Surely this would be a consumable hotel items that many people want to keep as a souvenir when leaving your hotel.

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