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BTB 20 Hotel Ballpoint Pen

BTB 20 hotel Ballpoint pen with a design to bring fresh feeling to the user. High quality plastic materials withstand a great deal of heat as well. 

  • Colors: various
  • Size:
  • Material: plastic
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The BTB20 ball pen is one of the most popular pen among the ball pen models that Star owns.

With its modern youthful design, the BTB 20 embodies a friendly and fresh feel for the user. The material that makes up these pretty little pens is purely plastic so it is resistant to relative force.

BTB 20 Hotel Ballpoint Pen
BTB 20 Hotel Ballpoint Pen

The pen is medium in size and has a grip a very modern and firm, allowing the BTB 20 to be fixed to a position where you attach like a jacket pocket, clip, leather cover…

The tube is a solid ink ball pen, combined with 1mm diameter steel balls are sophisticated, so that the ink is always very beautiful and user-friendly.

It also has a different effect that hotels should invest in pen writing printed logo , sure visitors will have a deeper impression on where they have been staying.


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