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The Hotel’s coaster is an indispensable detail in the consumable items in luxury hotel set. Moreover, this is also an item that any hotel should have to equip for F & B services, such as: restaurant, bar, cafe,… The little coaster not only to put the cup on – but also the details to customers to see the professionalism and class of the hotel. At the same time, this small detail is also a means of promoting brand image efficiency for the hotel.

In the hotel there is plenty of space that need the coasters from the bedroom to the dining room. Depending on the location, the purpose of each area that the Manager set quality standards and design for the hotel and restaurant. Although, as detailed in the hotel’s amenities list, hotel owners can choose a variety of durable materials that can be reused several times, helping the hotel save some investiment money.
Today, with this product, there are many models in the market with different materials and designs, such as paper, wood, leather, rubber, … each material has its own characteristics with the Advantages and disadvantages.

The quality products, unique designs, diverse style are the first impression that customers feel when coming to Star Solutions. At present, we are supplying the market with the variety of materials with different prices, ensuring that hotels at any segment can find the suitable products.

In addition, Star Solutions also supports developers to design logos, brand identity images for the hotel on the coastes, turn the coasters into a means of promoting to the visitors.

To get the hotel coasters right for your hotel with high quality, you can directly contact the hotline number of Star Solutions 094.76.11111 for advice and receive quotetation as well as order more quickly.