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L 10 Hotel comb

L 10 luxury wooden hotel comb is made from natural wood, environmentally friendly, can print, carve name, hotel logo with diverse colors, high durability.

  • Color: Brown, can change
  • Size: 137 * 30mm
  • Material: Wood
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The minimum product need to order500


The L 10 luxury wooden hotel is one of Star Solutions’ new designs. This is one of the few models made of wood that is environmentally friendly. This strategy is very suitable for resorts and resorts.

Lược khách sạn gỗ cao cấp L 10
L 10 luxury wooden hotel comb

Hotel Solutions L 10 comb of Star Solutions has many colors for customers to choose. In particular, the most popular are the brown wood colors: yellow brown, light brown, brown soil, … Because these colors show simplicity, elegance. Customers can choose to print, engraved logo, hotel name on the handle.

Lược dùng một lần khách sạn L 10

Made from high quality wood, L 10 has a natural woody odor, does not annoy the user. Sturdy and firm teeth, can be used with thick, long hair.

L 10 luxury wooden hotel comb

The size of the L 10 hotel comb is not too big (only 13.7cm). Therefore, can be easily canned, pocket, convenient for transportation, carry away.

For more information about L10 luxury wooden hotel, please call hotline 094 76 11111 for specific advice.


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