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L 14 Hotel comb

L 14 hotel comb is designed very similar to the type used in the family. However, this comb is made of durable plastic material.

  • Color: White in color
  • Dimensions: 180 * 25 * 4 mm
  • Material: Hard plastic
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The minimum product need to order500


L 14 Hotel comb have the design very similar to the kind used in family. However, the comb is made of plastic. Therefore, the feeling in hand is not really good. Because I am a men, so I prefer a slightly stronger comb.

Combination teeth comb with moderate density to help combing your hair straight. The handle is also quite long, for the feeling of firm and not slippery.

With a matte white finish with a luxury – high class- smooth, L14 is the comb that is very hot in the past few months.

L 14 Hotel comb
L 14 Hotel comb

Made of highly durable synthetic resin, the teeth are arranged reasonably, the handle is relatively long, wide, thick, so the L14 brings great sense of use.

With a relatively long 18 * 2.5cm size, the user can brush the tangled hair easily without hurting the scalp.

With good quality, good price only at over 1000 VND, L14 has received a lot of positive feedback from hotel owners as well as customers.


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