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L 24 hotel comb

L 24 disposable hotel  comb with lightweight folding, convenient for carry. Tooth comb is long and firm, can comb long and thick hair.

  • Colors: various
  • Size: on request
  • Material: advanced plastic
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The minimum product need to order500


L 24 hotel comb – sample products that are favored and trusted by a 3-star hotel.

Talking about the L 24 hotel comb, overview it is quite luxurious, suitable for customers who prefer the careful care and care for their hair.

lược khách sạn L 16

All L24 hotels comb are made of high quality plastic. Normally they will be pour in white or black, but depending on the choice of investor that the comb will have a different color. However, we recommend that 2 colors in white or black because are very easy to combine with the rest of the hotel amenities, but also for the decoration of the hotel bathroom space.

lược khách sạn L 16

L 24 is divided into two parts: handle and comb. These two parts are tied together by a strong coupling. A 180 degree can be folded to reach the tip of the comb. Therefore the length of the comb will be shortened. This product is very useful for women who having a compact bag.

The handle is flattened 7cm in size, so it’s easy for the user to play with the hair when holding the handle. The tongue is made to the standard, the whole tooth is divided into 3 equal rows, the distance is reasonable to brush the hair easily without leaving any area on the scalp.

A good quality product, but the price is not high, so this is a great choice for your hotel.


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