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L 29 hotel comb

L29 hotel comb is made from high quality plastic. The exterior design is quite simple, the handle is stylized by a soft C-curve.

  • Color: Various
  • Size: about 14 * 3 cm
  • Advanced plastic materials
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When it comes to the hotel in hotel quality but the price was extremely economical, it surely cannot miss the L 29 hotel comb

L 29 disposable hotel comb

L29 hotel comb is made from high quality plastic. This material helps your hotel own the extremely brightly comb, durable, not broken or  folded during use. Normally, L 29 is in white or plain white, but if the owner wants to mix the colors to make their products look lively or tone sur tone with the hotel, then Star Solutions can serve that.

L 29 disposable hotel comb
L 29 disposable hotel comb

The L 29 has a fairly simple design, which is styled with a slightly curved C-shaped handle on the lower edge of the product.

L 29 disposable hotel comb

The teeth are designed very meticulously and attached with small rounded plastic ball. In addition to help the user comb the hair faster and easier, these small plastic balls also work to massage the scalp, help circulation of blood vessels, giving users the feeling of very comfortable and relax.

The product is about 14 * 3 cm, relative thickness, so the weight of L 29 brings a very real feeling when combing. At the same time, if your hair is too tangled and need to use a strong force to comb the L 29 is the product you need.

L 29 disposable hotel comb

L 29 looks extremely delicate with the white plastic design

L 29 disposable hotel comb

L 29 hotel comb is the perfect choice for a hotel with modern design.

Despite the quality, perfect model , the price of L 29 hotel comb is not high. This is a great product for the set of hotel amenities of three stars or higher

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