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The hotel’s comb is one of the four most essential items of a hotel amenites set. This is the item that travelers most likely to use when they rest at the hotel, especially with women.

Combing, beautifying is the need of human, not only for women but also for men also to need something as simple as the hotel comb. In the hotel amenities, this not only meet the individual needs, but also important items contribute to improve the quality of service, leaving a good impression in customer satisfaction.

The hotel combs are made of hard plastic or high-grade PE, they are the most selected products today. The products are manufactured on modern technological lines, ensuring the highest perfection from lines to every angles. The smooth surface of the product does not appear on any of the edges, ensuring absolute safety for the user. In particular, you have to pay attention to the density of the comb teeth to ensure that when combing, the comb easily dragged deep into the scalp and quickly tangled hair.

With professional staffs, modern production line system, Star Solutions is fully self-reliant from design, material selection to production and distribution. So, the hotel combs or any hotel products, equipment provided by Star Solutions, not only ensure good quality, impressive design but also the best price in the Vietnam market.

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