Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

DEP 28 hotel slippers

DEP 28 with high quality fabric, the surface of the slippers is quite meticulous with small squares, exquisitely embossed on the surface of slippers.

  • Colors: various
  • Size: 300 * 110 mm
  • Material: cotton, foam
  • Thickness: 3 layers: 2 layers of cotton and non-slip foam base
  • Design: covered toe
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The minimum product need to order500


Quality of hotel bedroom services is not only assessed by furniture, modern equipment or service of employees but also by the extremely small details such as the quality of a a shaver or a toothbrush , the amenities include a full set of hotel amenity or even slippers in the hotel room.

Dép đi trong phòng khách sạn 3 sao

DEP 28 is one of the slippers in the room are many hotel experts as well as tourists appreciated by the quality as well as the design.

dep phong ngu khach san 3 sao

The DEP 28 does not have the cumbersome or overly bright colors, with only simple white, gray and black tones, the DEP 28 can shows the sophistication and fashionability.  

Made of high quality fabric, the surface of the slippers is quite meticulous with small squares, exquisite embossing on the surface of the sandals, creating a unique, novelty for the product.

Mẫu dép đi trong khách sạn cho du khách

The special feature of the DEP 28 is that they have two versions of the design, with the difference in material used to design the slippers: a kind of thick, Feeling smooth, comfortable to use.

Chọn đồ dùng cho phòng ngủ khách sạn

The rest is designed in sync with the front of the slipper, but not lower than the soft and smooth of high quality cotton fiber. In addition, we can not help but mention the footwear basee with a layer of fiber cloth covering the entire surface. It is attached by small round plastic particles, increasing the friction, ensuring absolute safety for the user.

The base is made quite thick, in addition to the outer layer of fabric, the thick layer of the base also has two layers of extreme strength, making it the absolute quality DEP 28 products.

mau dep di trong khach san tot

With the design as well as the perfect quality, the hotel bedroom slippers DEP 28 also owns the second to none price” to ensure suite almost every hotel standards. Then do not hesitate anymore but immediately contact Star for advice and own this slippers.


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