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DGI 01 Hotel sugar packet

DGI 01 sugar packet is one of the useful disposable items. The packaging is made of simple and luxurious environmental protection paper.

  • Color: Optional
  • Style: Square, long
  • Weight: 10g
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The minimum product need to order500


The hotel packaging is one of the most useful disposable items that can be added to tea and coffee to provide customers with delicious drinks.

With packing specifications: square or long packaging, the weight is only 10g so it is very reasonable for a cup of tea and coffee.

DGI 01 Hotel sugar packet
DGI 01 Hotel sugar packet

The complete composition is natural sugar cane without preservatives so customers can completely assured of quality.

In addition, the packaging of the sugar package is paper, which is easy to use and environmentally friendly. Very suitable for large hotels or restaurants with large usage demand.


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