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Hotel CR 16 Razor with Special style

The CR 16 Hotel Razor is among the highest quality products on the market today by its good quality,unique design and reasonable price.

  • Blue
  • Three-blade stainless steel
  • Size: 135 * 40 mm
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The CR 16 Hotel Razor is among the most advanced in the market. Because of its quality, style and price, it is very suitable for hotels of 3 stars or higher.

Disposable hotel razor CR 16

The handle is rounded in a subtle way, quite large, providing a feeling of certainty makes the user feel more comfortable when using. The end of the body is quite thick with synthetic resin material that makes the weight is more focused on it, giving the user the feeling of “handy”, more sure to shave.

Disposable hotel razor CR 16

Vertical surface of the body is the horizontal groove, the details are less than 2mm away from other. This is the key to making this product unique. Not only that, these delicate floating grooves are also factors that increase the safety of the user, with high friction, good anti-slip performance.

The blade head is equipped with a transparent plastic to protect the blade from external factors such as dust, bacteria, … ensure absolute safety of the product.

The quality assurance of this shaving razor is a super sharp blade with a 3-blade version, which helps to shave off the beard, cleanses quickly and neatly, and gives an elegant appearance for the man within a few notes. At the top of the blade there is a soft mint coat, which effectively soothes the skin surface, ensuring that there is no irritation on the skin.

CR 16 is designed with 3 sharp blades from high grade stainless steel

Disposable hotel razor CR 16

With its stylish design, excellent quality and exceptional price, this CR 16 razor is definitely the best choice for high end hotel .

To find out more about razor models and other hotel equipment items, please visit our Star Solutions website or contact us directly.


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