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Modern design Hotel CR 18 Razor

The CR 18 Hotel Razor is one of the most modern designs in the market, suitable for 2 to 3 stars hotels.

  • Variety of colors
  • Three-blade stainless steel
  • Size: 140 * 40 mm
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The CR 18 Hotel Razor is one of the most modern designs on the market today. This is a perfectly designed razor for hotels from 2 to 3 stars.

Disposable hotel razor CR 18

CR 18 is quite eye-catching with delicate style with gentle curves but no less powerful. The handle is compact in the middle to provide a firm support,  helping user easy to grasp and move while using. The end of the razor is made of thicker plastics, which gives the weight more focus in it, so users are more comfortable putting the blade in the quickest way.

Disposable hotel razor CR 18
Disposable hotel razor CR 18

At the centre of the handle is eye catching design with light curves. The body and blades are enlarged, so the CR 18 easily attaches to each face.

The blade head is equipped with a transparent plastic to protect the blade from   bacteria. The double blade is made from super sharp stainless steel, which helps the user to shave off the beard quickly and neatly.

The ultra-sharp dual blade, which helps to quickly process the facial hairs, no matter how hard they are.

Stylish and masculine design of the CR 18

Disposable hotel razor CR 18
Disposable hotel razor CR 18

CR 18 is one of the best shaving razors in terms of quality, although it is a one-time hotel razor, but the razor is completely reusable visitor carry when they leave. So, this item is also chosen by many hotels as a gift to give to their customers, making it a means to promote the brand of the hotel closer to customers.

At a very reasonable  price, CR18 is definitely the perfect product for a 3 star hotel.


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