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Hotel Razor CR 07 with delicate design

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Hotel razor CR 07 with slender, simple design but still looks luxurious and class. The handle is made hollow, can be poured any color.

  • Pink
  • 2-blade stainless steel
  • Size: 100 * 40 mm
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Hotel razor CR 07 is designed slender, very simple but still looks luxurious and class.

Disposable CR 07 Hotel Razor

With the model CR 07 is made from high quality hard plastic materials, ensure high durability, good shaping ability. In addition, this material gives the product a moderate weight, gives the feeling of holding very firm and real every time.

Disposable CR 07 Hotel Razor

In addition, this material is also capable of excellent color shading, the owners can comfortably choose the color of  shaving products, how to fit the overall amenity suit as well as the hotel bathroom space.

The striking feature of the CR 07 Hotel Razor is the exquisite resin lining on both sides of the handle, which makes the product look more refined and eye-catching. At the same time, these ridges are also anti slippery, frictional effect on the product, ensuring safety when used.

Disposable CR 07 Hotel Razor

With 2 sharp blade stainless steel, plus a mint cut on the razor head  will help our gentlement shorten shaving time while still ensuring a handsome look.

Disposable CR 07 Hotel Razor

Combined with Star Solutions’ premium shaving cream, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable time with the CR 07. The effect it brings will be the same as a daily personal razor.

Please contact us today for advice and select the quality hotel razors as well as hundreds of products, appliances for restaurants and hotels.

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