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Special Hotel Razor CR 21

With a very distinctive design, the CR 21 Hotel Razor has a distinctly different look than the rest of the high-end hotel razor.

  • Color: Blue
  • 2-blade stainless steel
  • Size: 120 * 40 mm
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The CR 21 Hotel razor is rated as the best quality in the collection of razor model that Star Solutions distributes.

With its distinctive design, the CR 21 own a distinctly different look to the the high-end hotel razors.

Disposable hotel razor CR 21

CR 21 has a non-cylindrical, or square, which has a rather soft curve. This design allows users to hold more easily and easily bring the blade closer to the angle of the face.

Disposable hotel razor CR 21

At the same time, the body of the razor is rounded at one end, the middle part of the body is bent inside, creating softness and help the product look more aesthetically. The blade is equipped with a transparent plastic protective blade.

Disposable hotel razor CR 21

In particular, the CR 21 Hotel Razor has two versions, a two-blade version and a three-blade version, all made from stainless steel. The three-blade knife is intended to serve the male guests from abroad, especially Europeans. This object possesses a thick, long and relatively stiff beard. Therefore, this is an optimum choice for 4-star hotels which are regularly welcomes male foreigners. A prime example is  Lotte Center hotel.


Disposable hotel razor CR 21

The CR 21 razor features a youthful, delicate blue tone.

Each line, detail is designed meticulously thanks to modern technology.

Disposable hotel razor CR 21

CR 21 3-blades super impressive for 4, 5 star hotel.

The blade is flexible to change the angle of the curve on the face.

The white CR 21 is one of the most popular designs today.

Disposable hotel razor CR 21

Break up and more personality with a luxurious yellow tone but equally young.

In addition to the above colors, when coming to Star Solutions, customers also have the option to choose the color according to their own wishes or in the architectural style of the hotel. Our design team will receive your request, as well as further advice to make the perfect product.

Star Solution is confident to bring your hotel the best razors and even the finest amenities.


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