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KCR 01 Shaving Cream

KCR 01 shaving cream with cream volume up to 5g, the tube with soft plastic design and  high durability, easy to take the cream inside.

  • Color: turquoise, white
  • Material: shaving gel
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The minimum product need to order500


Shaving cream is a popular product used in any hotel room. They come with a hotel razor set in the consumable set. Although it is a small product, but they bring a lot of benefits and convenience for users. For example, it helps to shave more clean, reduces the risk of skin scratches when using razors, and helps reduce the risk of acne and dermatitis. Especially for foreigners, they often have a hard beard so when shaving they will often use shaving cream to make shaving easier without causing pain. If your hotel specializes in welcoming foreign visitors or middle-aged people, your hotel certainly can not be lack of this products.

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Some customers said that this product is not enough to use shaving once time. However, do not judge a book by its cover! KCR 01 shaving cream with cream volume up to 5g, soft tube with soft plastic design makes it easy to get cream inside. With a volume of about 5g, you can comfortably use for a single shave. If you still want to get larger size toothpaste you can refer to the KCR 02.


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