Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

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Beside the main products: Toothbrush, razor, shampoo, shower gel, comb and soap, to set the hotel amenities more class and meet the needs of more customers. The hotel managers can set up other hotel amenities, such as: shower cap, toiletries bag, needles, cotton swabs, suger pack or ….
Depending on the size and level of each hotel, the number and type of details in the amenities set will vary. Medium-sized hotels will definitely have fewer items and their quality will be at the middle. Luxury hotels, consumable will have more detail and quality also requires higher standards.

Whatever your choice, any kind of product of your costuming kit, quality is the decisive factor. Therefore, when choosing the amenities, the hotel owners must pay attention to the durability, safety as well as the value of use of the product. Because, the details in this costume kit will directly serve the needs of individual and used quite often. Just having a product in your amenities kit does not guarantee quality, it will directly affect the customer experience. More seriously, it can affect strategies that attract and hold customers, creating “holes” for your competitors to lower the reputation of the hotel on the market.

The products are made of high quality materials, materials, quality assurance, hygiene and most importantly, these items must have high usefulness, in accordance with the needs of customers.

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