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Razor CR 12 for luxury hotels

The CR12 razor – a high-end hotel razor designed with perfect curvature, ensures a shave-free without scratching or bleeding.

  • Green Blue
  • 2-blade stainless steel blade
  • Size: 120 * 40 mm
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CR 12 – a new high-end hotel razor designed by Star Solutions. The product is very popular in the market recently.

The body is designed with extremely modern style from high quality synthetic resin. The shape of the knife is slightly curved to make the product look more impressive. Combined with exquisite embossing on the surface of the product, this design offers stability and comfort when being used.

Disposable hotel razor CR 12

The body is extremely prominent with the perfect combination between black and blue tone. In addition, with high-grade synthetic resin, you can freely choose the color for this product. With the latest color technology in the world, Star Solutions ensure to bring your hotel the perfect product with outstanding colors, in sync with the overall style of the hotel.

Disposable hotel razor CR 12

CR 12 – with a large size of about 2.5cm, wide interact with the face, greatly increases the efficiency of use.

To ensure the hygiene, absolute safety of the product, the product is equipped with white high-grade plastic lid, is used to prevent dirt, bacteria which is contact the surface and razor blade.

Disposable hotel razor CR 12

The blade is a factor to assure the quality of the product, with the sharp anti-rust blade system, has gone through the process of sterilization clean, ensuring absolute safety for the health of users. The impressive blue mint has a lubricating effect, making shaving easier and more comfortable. At the same time, it also has the effect of soothing fast, ensuring that does not cause pain to the user.


Disposable hotel razor CR 12

Hotel razor with stylish design

Strong style, masculine color is outstanding advantages of CR 15

Disposable hotel razor CR 12

Every detail on the product is designed in a delicate way, ensuring the highest quality for the hotel.

Hotel razor is one of the four most important features of the amenities, so the hotel should not be subjective in quality or design to create the best impression on every visitor.

Please contact Star Solutions immediately for advice and possession of the highest quality products.


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