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Hotel’s shower gel and shampoo is an indispensable combo when you setup details for hotel bathroom amenities. This is one of the 4 most important products because of the demand of customers including toothbrush, razor and comb.

Hotel’s shower gel and shampoo is a product that consumers will use directly on the skin and hair, so they are very easy to affect the health of the user. If you choose shampoo and shower gel products that not guarantee the quality, safety standards, when using customers can have skin irritation, hair loss, fracture, … For the unfortunate that never happens. When choosing shampoo, shower gel, we need to pay more attention to the quality of the product, looking for reputable suppliers.

In Vietnam market, not all units are able to bring your hotel shampoo, bath products perfect in terms of quality, design and price. Star Solutions is one of the rare names that can provide your hotel with comprehensive solutions.

Most of Star Solutions’ shampoos and shower gel provide the best solution. Every ingredients have clear origin, benign substance, no irritation or any side effects. Currently, Star Solutions’ shampoo and conditioner are available in two different bottle and tube. Ensuring to bring the best products both in quality and design.

The following are samples of Star Solutions shower gel products supplied and distributed in the market. If you are looking for shampoo and showel gel for the hotel, please refer to our product list. All inquiries, quotetation, orders can be contact directly to HOTLINE: 094.76.11111 or leave information, message on the website, we will support you 24 / 7.